Knees, please!

Wednesday was my usual rest day. Focused on counting my macros and watching how far short I might end up… (We’ll do another post on that topic over the weekend as a checkpoint as to how this new diet effort is progressing.)

silly-walkAnd when I looked last night at the workout for today, my only response was “Running, really?” (It’s a fact, you can look at my FB feed.) But as I explained to Andrea today, surprised I showed up for a running WOD… “It’s not that I came for a running WOD… it’s more the fact that I came for a WOD and it happened to be running.” I know it’s a matter of semantics, but I’m never going to rush right out and say “yaaay! running!”

So today’s WOD… was running.

I arrived for the noon workout and was joined by Andrea. Coach Drea was there to keep us in line. 🙂

We did some mobility work to get started. My quads are angry. My knees are angry. I rolled out the quad above the knee in the angry knee with a foam roller for a while. That led to a series of slow and controlled cross-the-floor stretches of knees and feet before moving to quicker back and forth stuff, ending with some actual jogging inside.

And then… she opened the door.

7TaonKRbcToday’s workout is three rounds for distance –

  • run 5 minutes
  • rest 5 minutes

I made it:

  • 850m
  • 775m
  • 775m
  • Total: 2400m (1.5 miles)

That’s pretty good for me. Actually, that’s really good for me. I was pretty consistently getting through about 800m in 5 minutes. That implies that I may be able to do a mile in around 10 minutes. A horrifying prospect.

Great work Andrea! (She was getting through 850-900m a round I think and keeping a great pace.) And thanks Drea for the coaching – running is still not my favorite, but it’s definitely better than before. 🙂

So now I have to deal with the fact that my knees are more than a little cranky. Ice for a while and then Deep Blue tonight.

Have a great day folks!

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