It is Monday, right?

Today has been plagued by the sense that it’s Tuesday even though all the signs clearly show that it is not. What the heck is going on in MY head today?

With two meetings this morning, I missed the morning workouts (Ev got in for an 8:30 class) but headed in for a Noon class. And it is never a good sign when you are tired before your workout. ๐Ÿ™‚ We had Coach Drea today – along with Amber, Kelli, Andrew, and Leah.

Kelly Starrett makes it look easy!

We started with some couch stretch on the wall – and I have to say there’s a noticeable difference between my left side (crappy) and my right side (happy). So that’s always entertaining. From there we did some work with a foam roller or lacrosse ball (I worked my quads since my left knee/hip didn’t like the more upright couch stretch). And then the fun began.

Drea had us do a barbell complex with an empty barbell (45# for me) ten times:

  • Muscle snatch
  • Push press
  • Overhead squat
  • Sots press

Um, I did great with a 45# bar until I tried to lower the overhead squat to my shoulders behind my head. And I did worse for the Sots press. Neither shoulder was tracking well. I dropped to a 35# bar after a couple of sets and it wasn’t any better, then I moved to a PVC pipe for some sotz press. We’ve done it with PVC before but I’ve never tried it weighted – looks like I need to.

1ci6wdTo say the least, I didn’t get through 10 complete sets. And the sets I got through were ugly as sin. But we weren’t done there.

Next we did a combination of double- or single-unders and muscle snatches.

  • 15 doubles (or 30 singles) and 5 snatches
  • 30 doubles (or 60 singles) and 10 snatches
  • 60 doubles (or 120 singles) and 15 snatches

That took a little while, but at least it felt a bit better than those sotz presses.

Finally we got to the workout, which was from the 2014 Open – 14.1. A 10 minute AMRAP:

  • 30 double-unders (or 60 singles)
  • 75# power snatches (15 reps)
Ready for my AMNAP

First, the good – it was only 10 minutes. Next, the bad. Did Drea drain all the oxygen out of the room before we started? Geez!

I made it through three complete rounds plus the single jump ropes and 6 power snatches (3 + 36/66 w/75#).

Then she wanted us to run 400m or be on the rower or assault bike for 2.5 minutes. My left hip started twinging about 1 minute in, so I called it good and did some pigeon stretch to try and work out the hip.

Than I came home. ๐Ÿ™‚ And now I’m ready for a nap!

Thanks Drea and great work everybody!!


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