20 Minutes of Fun?

This morning didn’t quite go as planned, but I did make it in for a 9:30 workout at Continuum. Ev and the rest of the 8:30 class were finishing up – and Drea had a big class! Lori, Emily, Ev, Jenny, Danielle, Connie, and Lisa and I feel like I’m missing someone. 9:30 wasn’t quite as busy – we had Nick, Larry, Andrea, and Sam. Small, but mighty – yeah right!

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We started with some mobility work – couch stretch and banded hamstring stretching – before doing a run, row, or assault bike. For some reason I chose the assault bike and did a minute plus there. Then we did some plank, marching bridges, and V-ups (or knee tucks) before doing a whole bunch of wide-grip clean & jerk practice, followed by some time on the rig to figure out our toes-to-bar progressions.

Every step of the way I think my shoulders were debating which one was going to quit first. I sounded a bit like a Rice Krispies commercial.

But we kept on moving.

The workout was a 20 minute AMRAP:

  • 5 clean and jerks
  • 10 toes-to-bars (T2B)
  • Rest 30 seconds

Rx weights were 185/135. Level II was 135/95. Level I was 95/65.

Been a while since we’ve done heavy clean & jerks. The last number I had was 175# from 2014. I have done as heavy as a 195# clean and a 195# push press, but after the warm-up I was wondering how light I should go. Today I went with 135#. Larry went with the same weight, so I figured it was ok. That was the level II weight anyway.

knees-to-elbows2And my T2B are not pretty. I can do them, but it’s one and done usually. We did a little work on them a few weeks ago but even after that it’s a matter of getting in the rhythm. Today I could do one or two every ten reps and just tried to kip and keep moving through knees-to-elbows for the rest.

In the earlier class, Ev used 95# and knees-to-elbows and made it through 5+ rounds. Connie and Drea were giving me a hard time before we started when I asked what I should shoot for. Connie made it through 9 rounds or close to it. She said to go for 7.

After 20 minutes I ended up getting through 6 rounds plus 4 clean & jerks. None of it was pretty. And I am pretty sure I added a rep or two here or there when I lost count a couple of times. But I kept on moving.

I had two big issues. My split jerk is awful, though better than it has been. And I kept losing my grip on the bar during the knees to elbows. So I could do 4 or 5 but that was it. And my C&J’s (push jerks or split jerks) were all singles. I didn’ t string much together.

I think both Larry & Nick got through 8 rounds. And Andrea did 7. Not sure how Sam did, but she was chugging right along too. Everybody did awesome. 🙂

Thanks for the encouragement Drea – and great work everybody!

Hope you all have a great day!


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