Overhead Walking Lunges Stink

Let’s see… yesterday was all overhead so why wouldn’t we continue on Tuesday with more overhead? Yes, let’s.

PullupThough my lovely wife was working today and couldn’t join me this morning, I made it in (almost late) for an 8:30am class. Coach Drea only had three of us to contend with – me, Todd, and Connie. Apparently earlier classes had to divide and conquer, spreading out across the rower and the assault bikes, so we were a little simpler logistics-wise.

We started with another lovely warm-up. Three rounds:

  • 10 calories on the assault bike
  • 5 inch-worms
  • 5 pull-ups
  • 5 Spider-man lunges (each side)

Is it bad when you’re tired after the warm-up? 🙂 I was amused when my right shoulder popped on the second pull-ups and I was dragging butt behind Connie & Todd. Todd just got back from vacation – he would have slowed down a little! HA!

25pound-dumbbellFrom there we jumped right into this 25 minute workout for rounds and reps:

  • 25 one-armed overhead walking lunges with a dumbbell
  • 25 calorie row
  • 25 weighted sit-ups with the same dumbbell

There were of course a few scales, but I tried Rx with a 35# dumbbell and bailed quickly. That wasn’t going to happen. A 25# dumbbell was tough enough. And I knew it would be the lunges, not the rowing or sit-ups, that would cause me grief.

I was right. Go figure.

Right-side was fairly steady, if uncomfortable and slow to lunge, with a 25# dumbbell. Left-side didn’t want to cooperate at all. Eventually Drea came over and suggested that I try and front-rack it on the left side, just avoiding the overhead lock-out. I eventually just rested the dumbbell over the left shoulder and kept my hand on it. But it definitely wasn’t pretty.

I made it through 3 complete rounds, plus 25 lunges and finishing the 25 calorie row just as time expired. So my score was 3+50. I’ll take it. I paused in a few places to adjust, but I never stopped.

Meanwhile both Todd & Connie got 5 full rounds done and were into their 6th. They killed it. 🙂

Great work folks! I’m sure the 9:30 class had fun with it as well!

Thanks Drea!

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