Lunging My Knees Away…

So after doing Freestyle Fran and back squats yesterday, what should we do today?

rock-tape-knee-sleevesWhy… Bench press, double unders, and walking lunges of course!

There are a whole host of movements in crossfit that hurt my knees at times. We do a lot of squatting. And that has improved my leg strength greatly over the last few years but it does still hurt at times. Lunges are one of my least favorite movements.

So what do I do about it? Complain? Sure. But I still do them of course and work to find the most efficient path possible.

Oh, and wear knee sleeves. 🙂

Let’s get back to today… So amazingly I got to work with my wife today, which is always a pleasant surprise. And we had Danielle, Todd & Melissa, Andrea, Monica, Samantha, Ashley, and Jake… It was a pretty big class for Drea. Plus while we were doing our thing Larry was doing his as well.

Barbell_Bench_PressWe started with a 400m jog and then did some grasshoppers to a 30 second plank hold to 10 push-ups before doing some sotz press with a PVC pipe. From there we dove right into bench press.

Today we were going for a one rep max. My old one rep max is 230# and on the drive in I told Ev I wasn’t feeling particularly strong today.

Todd and I paired up. He made it to 205# and helped slightly with my really ugly 225#. We both stopped there. And then I spotted Jake as he worked his way up to 375#. The man is a beast!

Ev made it to 105# working with Danielle. And Danielle hit 130#.

1bd3eiOnce everybody was done we cleaned up and got out our jump ropes for the next part of the challenge…

  •  Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
  • 100 double-unders (or 90 seconds of double-under practice)
  • 100-ft. walking lunge

I did a lot of double-under practice today. But it paid off. I got one. Though I’ve had coaches tell me they’ve seen me do them before, today I legitimately felt like I hit one. It was a nice feeling. And then I wasn’t able to repeat it – but that didn’t sour my mood at all. I got ONE!

But it was those walking lunges that killed me. Holy cow. 100 feet seemed like forever.

I took a different approach today though. These were un-weighted lunges so it was just up and down, up and down… I tried to go 25 feet, pause, repeat. And that worked pretty well. Towards the end it was more a step or two before pausing and starting again, but at least once in every lap I did a 25 foot chunk without stopping.

That was an improvement.

By the end I got through 6 complete rounds. Danielle wasn’t far behind me. And Ev managed a full minute of double under practice for round 7.

Everybody did awesome. Great work!

Now I’ll go back to walking like an old person for a few hours while my knees recover from the abuse… Good thing I had those knee sleeves to act as a bit of padding!!


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