Deloading and Losing Grip

Hello Tuesday. Been a rough 24 hours for some reason. Guess the mid-life crisis has begun. Yay. That said, despite feeling like crap I knew I needed to get in for a workout today.

The 8:30 class was led by Coach Drea and it was me, Adrienne (and Jayda), and Joe (and his little one). It was good to get some Jayda time and some sweat equity.

Barbell_Bench_PressStarted with a 400m jog and then did some squat-to-stands, a 30 second handstand hold, some PVC pass-thrus, and some other things to get warmed up. From there it was straight into the deloading of bench press.

We’re still using the 90% value of our 1RM (90% of 230# is 207#), but I chose to go off 225# for today for simpler math. Like yesterday, we worked with 5 reps at 40%, 50%, and 60%:

  • 95# x5 (42%)
  • 115# x5 (51%)
  • 135# x5  (60%)

They felt pretty light, which was good. 🙂

After that, we shifted to the day’s metcon work. Lots of snatch practice plus some work on the wall with handstand push-ups ahead of it.

  • 10 hanging power snatches (75#)
  • 15 kettle bell swings (53#)
  • 6 HSPUs

gymnastics-handstand-silhouette-body-silhouette-man-in-handstand-front-1I knew from all the HSPUs we did at the Friday night workout that was going to be my time sink. And it was. I used a 55# kettle bell, but left the rest Rx. Made it through three full rounds plus 22 reps.

My trick was to keep breathing and I knew that before we started. I blew through that first round of snatches & KBS pretty fast and slowed down even faster after that.

The HSPUs were rough, but I was surprised to find my grip disappearing by the end of round 2. My forearms (especially the left one) turned to rock pretty fast with that combination of movements. I had to drop the kettle bell in the last round because it slipped from my left hand and I was left with it overhead in my right!

But a good workout. Everybody kicked butt. Thanks Drea for the encouragement!

I did feel a little better when I was done than when I started, so I’ll count that as a success today. Now back to the slog of my day. Have a good one folks!


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