Catching up

Time to catch up a bit on the last few days.

Finding Hope Partner WOD, Week 3

First, we attended the 3rd week of the Finding Hope Partner WOD on Friday night at CrossFit Continuum. This is the community project where the folks from CrossFit Continuum and CrossFit Pick It Up have joined forces to raise money for Suicide Prevention. We’re raising money to donate to the folks at District 20 who are helping schools cope with suicide loss and prevention in our schools. Last I heard we were almost to $1000 raised, which is incredible and shows the dedication of these two great communities.

hope-changes-everythingMickey and I went to join the fun and it was fun! Mickey worked with Clara and I worked with Susan from Pick It Up. The workout was:

  • 100 double-unders (or singles)
  • 21 handstand push-ups or inverted push ups
  • 21 toes to bar (or knees to elbows)
  • 80 double-unders (or singles)
  • 15 handstand push-ups or inverted push ups
  • 15 toes to bar (or knees to elbows)
  • 60 double-unders (or singles)
  • 9 handstand push-ups or inverted push ups
  • 9 toes to bar (or knees to elbows)

Mickey & Clara finished in about 6 minutes. Susan and I finished up in under 8 minutes. And we all moved right along!

Great work, everybody! I look forward to attending the last night of the event on Friday this week!

The Weekend

zprint3d-reebok-runningI wish I could say that I got in a workout this weekend, but other than spending most of Saturday in Denver (soccer and family commitments) and mowing the lawn on Sunday, I can’t say I did. My daughters did awesome with soccer – Mickey had an assist in their win and AJ had a goal and played great despite their loss. That was exhausting enough. 🙂

I did however get my new pair of running shoes – some Reebok ZPrint 3Ds.

We’ll see if I can start to break them in a little this week. They’re pretty if nothing else. 🙂

Today’s WOD

That brings us to today. Though I was in a good mood, I have to say that I wasn’t all that motivated – I did go however.

Arrived for a 9:30 class and Coach Larry had me, Joe, Nick, and Drea to look after. We started with a 400m run, which actually felt pretty good. I hesitate to say that. After that we did some squat-to-stands, wring-out-the-towels, thoracic high fives, and a shoulder opener before getting going on our deload for back squats.

400px-Squats.svgToday was light (i.e. “deload”) before we go for our 1RM next week I think. Based on 90% of our 1RM (90% of 245# is 220#) we were supposed to do:

  • 5 @ 40% (88# – I did 95#)
  • 5 @ 50% (110# – I did 115#)
  • 5 @ 60% (132# – I did 135#)

It felt really light, which I just realized is because I was basing it on the wrong #s. I based it on my Front Squat #s not my Back Squat #s.

Should have been 295#/90% = 265# which would have made my #s 105#, 135#, and 160#. So I guess I wasn’t too far off, but still… Oops.

And then the fun part… They say it was a metcon, but really it was for strength today. Total time:

  • Ring push-up ladder (1 in the first minute, 2 the second, 3 the third)
  • Rest 5 minutes
  • Body-weight front squat ladder (1 in the first minute, 2 the second, 3 the third)

Ring push-ups are a challenge. There’s something about that unstable base and really having to manage your elbows better that takes its toll quickly. (Here’s a great post on them if you’re interested.)

Through about round 6 I was doing ok… when I hit 7, it hit like a ton of bricks. I could do 1 and then my elbows lost tension on the way back up. So I barely finished 7 and it was an ugly 7 at best. And I got about halfway through round 8 when I ran out of time.


As for the front squats… That was even uglier. My body weight these days is around 230#. I figured 225# was easy enough to try, but dang. That was hard.

I got one ugly squat in in the first minute. In the second minute, I did one more and then had to bail – it wasn’t happening. So I decided I’d change the narrative a bit. My workout became: do 1 rep every minute for as long as you can. That turned out to be one more round and then I ended up bailing for good.

Seems I need to lose some weight so my body weight is a little easier to handle!!

Everybody else are damn beasts! Great work folks! Thanks Larry for a fun class!

Have a great day!


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