If it was easy…

Today was one of those days where I realized something, and I’ll get to that in a bit. (CrossFit is good for self-realization sometimes.)

The last few days of work have been difficult, but I only felt a little guilty walking away from my desk for some physical work for myself. If I don’t take care of myself, I can’t take care of my job – so I’m coming to realize how important it is mentally AND physically to address it. (Now if I only I could address my “fooding” and get it on track…)

Anyway, back to today – I made it in for an 8:30 class with my wife. Her work schedule has been uneven of late, so it was nice to fit a workout in with her this week. We had Coach Drea, Sarah, Carrie, Adrienne, and Jayda. And Larry came in to do his workout as well.

Started with a 400m row, but Ev & I were a little late due to traffic so we rowed instead. Then did some Cossack squats, a 30 second plank hold (low plank), and some slow air squats. Moved from there to warm-up to some heavier back squats today.

Today it was:

  • 5@75%
  • 3@85%
  • 1+@95%

20160913_093041And all of that is again based on 90% of your 1RM. Apparently my 1RM is 295#, so 90% is 265#. That meant my #s should have been 199#, 225#, and 252#. Tough to do those #s on the bar, so I did 205# (77%), 225# (85%), 245# (92%).

I managed to get 5 @ 205#, 3 @ 225#, and did 5 for my 1+ at 245#. Have to work on not folding forward on the way up, but it got better with a little guidance from Drea in that last set.

Once all that was done, I cleaned up my stuff and got ready for the metcon. Today we needed a jump rope, a barbell for deadlifts, a box for box jumps, and some space on the rig for toes-to-bar or whatever variation we’d be doing.

The metcon was for time:

  • 100 double-unders
  • 25 toes-to-bars
  • 25 deadlifts
  • 50 box jump overs
  • Men use 225 lb. for deadlifts and a 24-in. box.
  • Women use 155 lb. for deadlifts and a 20-in. box.

Automatically I had to scale a few things. 100 double-unders became 100 single-unders. 25 toes-to-bars became some progressions on that front to try and get them better. It eventually became knees to elbows, but I did get some good T2B work in. I did 225# deadlifts but they weren’t pretty. And I could not convince myself to jump on that damn box, so they became 20″ box step-overs today.

I finished in 11:46. We were shooting for under 10, but I think under 12 is doable. I just kept moving. Yesterday’s was worse by far, but that doesn’t mean today’s was easy.

Tomorrow is a rest day, then I have a session with Drea on Thursday. We’ll see how that goes. I have many goats to work on, so hopefully we can come up with a plan and work through a few things.

CrossFit Isn’t Easy. Easy isn’t always Good. Work hard. Sweat more. Gain more. Start again.

But back to what I said at the beginning… My self-realization. CrossFit is never easy. It’s not the nature of the beast. And by having to continually adapt, it’s made me more apt to adapt in my own life.

Talking with my wife after the workout she was a little disappointed in her back squat work today because she’s not getting back to her old one rep max as fast as she’d like. She’s working with Coach Bill to improve her squats and Drea today said she’d already seen an improvement, so that was progress. She’s making her body better a little at a time and that’s the most important part of this process – slow, continual improvement. Sometimes that requires going backwards to make forward progress.

I have no doubt that she’s going to see some serious gains once she improves the fundamentals of her squats. No doubts at all.

Just like life, CrossFit is never easy. If it was, I don’t think I’d still be here. And I know I would not be a gym rat convert to the CrossFit way of life.

So good work today folks. It wasn’t easy, but it was good. 🙂


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