Sweat for Suicide Prevention and Awareness

Every once in a while I get to participate in a community event for a good cause. This one definitely qualifies. CrossFit Continuum and CrossFit Pick It Up joined forces for the “Finding Hope Partner WOD” series this month. Every Friday we alternate boxes, raise a little money, and sweat a little with members from the other box. The money is going to the group of counselors dealing with suicide prevention and reaction in District 20, which has had a rash of suicides in the last year.

hope-changes-everythingWith two girls in District 20, one in middle school and the other in high school, this hits home. And we know several teachers in the area, including a history teacher at one of the high schools with four or more suicides in the last 12 months. He works out with us at Continuum. He knew some (if not all) of those students. It hits home fast when you’re impacted in that way.

We heard last night that the effort has raised enough money so far that the group handling the funds is thinking of doing a dance at once of the high schools to try and raise spirits a bit, which is a great idea.

Like all weeks, we had a bunch of things going on last night and ended up dividing and conquering a bit. Mickey and I headed into Pick It Up about 5:45 (it started at 5:30), put our donation in the jar, and were told we would be teaming up together. That was fine since I don’t mind working out with my daughters at all – they are tough and would push me. 🙂

We went in the 3rd heat after watching other teams – some team-ups were one Continuum member and one Pick It Up member. Other team-ups were two from the same box. It didn’t matter. It was sweating for a good cause. 🙂

The workout was:

  • Olympic weights“Purpose”
  • 27-21-15-9
  • Wall balls #20/14
  • Clean & jerk #135/95
  • Ladder up by 2s
  • American kettle bell swing #53/35
  • Sit-ups

Mickey used a 65# barbell for her clean & jerks. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do, so scaled to 95#. I should have gone heavier. 🙂 She used a 14# wall ball and I used a 20# one. For the kettle bell swings we both used a 35# kettle bell (which was light for me, but fine).

We got through the 27-21-15-9 in about 9:56 and took 5 minutes to do the ladder after that. So 15 minutes later we were done. I think we got through the set of 12 sit-ups and KBS. But I was very proud of Mickey for pushing through the 65# C&J. They got tough at the end and she’ll have some bar hickeys today.

It was a great turn out and there were some folks from Structura Body Therapies doing some hands-on 10 minute sessions with folks. So a fun way to end the week.

Thanks go to Matt from Pick It Up and Drea from Continuum for setting up this series. It’s for a great cause and something we need to keep an eye on always. Hopefully our donations will help in some small way.

Mickey took a ton of pictures, and here are a few:



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