7 rounds of Monday

Nobody needs 7 rounds of Monday. A week of Mondays would be awful!

After a weekend of soccer madness, it was time to get back to the box for another workout. I missed the team workout on Saturday, but was eager to get another WOD in and start the week out right. School starts this week and one of the kids (AJ) started today while the other one (Mickey) starts tomorrow, so she got to tag along with Ev and I this morning.

709515018:30am was taught by a combination of Coach Drea & Coach Bill. We had Sarah, Maria, the three of us, Larry, Jenny, Debbie, and KB. Was a great, positive crew this morning. Plus lots of sarcasm and humor, as always.

We started with some foam roller, banded shoulder work, and couch stretch to get things warmed up a bit. And then we did 3 rounds with 100m run, pressing snatch balance (pvc), inchworms, and air squats. I didn’t mind the short run. It wasn’t a sprint and wasn’t so far. I still wasn’t FAST by any stretch of the imagination, but it was tolerable.

Once all that was done, we did some refresher work on the movements for today – muscle snatch and overhead squats. Started with a PVC pipe, moved to an empty barbell, and then started loading the bar with the weight we’d use for the workout.

snatch5The workout was 7 rounds for reps of:

  • 1 minute of muscle snatches (75/65#)
  • 1 minute of overhead squats (75/65#)
  • 1 minute of bar-over burpees
  • 1 minute of rest

I did fine in the first two and then died in the burpees.

  • Mickey: 20-25-21-23-24-21-30 = 164 (35# bar)
  • Evelyn: 23-26-28-26-25-26-28 = 182 (55# bar)
  • Me: 22-23-18-22-16-18-19 = 138 (75# bar)

I had a few issues with this one. The weight wasn’t one of them. Honestly it felt pretty good. My form wasn’t bad for a good portion of the reps either. I started out pretty far forward on the OHS and pulled back with some cues from Bill. And had a few other adjustments – but damn those burpees just were awful. Totally out of gas every round by the time I got to them and the numbers went down.

That said – the biggest issues I had were my quads. They were complaining big time by the 3rd round and by the 4th round my right foot was asleep from the calf down. That made it tricky to do every part of this because I wasn’t sure of it on any rep. And jumping over the bar at the end was damn near impossible so my “jump over the bar” became a step over.

But though I wanted to quit, I kept going. I just was slow to convince myself back to the bar or back to the floor.

So no DNF for today. We’ll count that as a good thing. 🙂

Great work 8:30 class! Thanks Drea & Bill for the encouragement and guidance!

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