Moving that bar

I’m not fast. I’m slow but deliberate. When I go fast, usually I screw something up – and that’s definitely the case with crossfit and Olympic lifting. I watch my setup and try to duplicate the same steps over and over. When I’m patient, it works. When I rush… Well, usually something goes wrong.


Practicing the art of not beating myself up for every failure (after yesterday’s DNF), I went back to CrossFit Continuum for the Tuesday 8:30a class. I went in with a hopeful attitude hoping not to DNF two days in a row.

Coach Drea had me, Sarah, Dan, Jenny, Adrienne (and Jayda of course), Andrea, and Jake today. We started with a 400m run and then did a plank hold into some push-ups, a handstand hold on the wall, and some overhead plate presses with a 25# plate.

The first part of the WOD today was more handstand skill work. I worked with Dan and the two of us would work on kicking up to the wall and trying to hold our feet off the wall. One of us would stand behind (or beside) the other and try to just give a little nudge above the knee to keep us from falling over. It was supposed to be five attempts at a 20 second handstand hold – I think we got through three or four each in the time we had.

Barbell_Bench_PressAnd then we did a lot of movement prep with a PVC pipe and then an unloaded bar. Today was all about the squat snatch and the bench press. Bench wasn’t bad refresher-wise, but we went through a ton of reps to get form on the squat snatch down.

The workout itself was 12-9-6 reps for time of:

  • 165/115# squat snatches (Rx)
  • 225/145# bench presses (Rx)

I looked at those numbers last night and laughed. 225# bench? 12 times! My one rep max about 4-6 months ago was 230#. One. Rep. Max. HAHAHA. Dan and I both figured we were going to have to scale the heck out of it.

Level II for the workout was 135/95# squat snatches and 185/115# bench press. And level III was 95/65# squat snatches and 135/75# bench press.


Dan chose 115# for his squat snatches and we started at 155# for the bench press.

He finished in about 13 minutes at this weights. I had some issues with the bench press towards the end of my set of 9 and dropped to 115# for the set of 6, but stuck with 95# for my squat snatches. Except for a couple of squat snatches and one bench press rep I think I did pretty well and finished in 13:46.

Definitely under the 15 minutes that Drea said earlier classes were finishing under, so I was happy. Remember earlier when I said that if I rush things, bad things happened? Well those two squat snatches I botched were like that. I didn’t set up properly and dropped the bar forward on one. And on the other I got it all the way up and forgot to squat it.

Oh well. Perfect is like fast. Neither word really works for me. 🙂

That said – everybody was moving right along for this one. Every time I looked up, folks were throwing bars everywhere. 🙂

Great work everybody! Much better for me today. 🙂


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