Don’t want to hurl

Yeah, you read that right. I don’t want to hurl. Not a shocking sentiment I know, but today… Ugh.

This past weekend I did not do well on the “fooding” thing. Ate crap. Drank crap. Knew I was going to have to pay the piper eventually. But again… ugh.

18m7ugLooked at the website last night to see what the WOD would be and it didn’t post before we went to bed (early because we’d been up for soccer at 4:30am). Got up this morning and registered but didn’t look at the workout itself. That is until my friend Jonathan pinged me via FB and said “Don’t look at the workout. Just go.” Um. Not a good sign.

So of course I had to look. And it was the CrossFit main site workout from a week or so ago that he and I chatted about and said “I hope that doesn’t show up at Continuum.” Guess what? It did.

I was going to go with my daughters but they bailed on me after looking at the workout. Of course, they’d both played soccer in a tournament the previous 3 or 4 days, so I don’t really blame them. I arrived for the 8:30 class this morning with Coach Stacy by my lonesome, but was quickly joined by a few folks: Shannon, Carrie, Suzanne, and Andrea.

grumpy-cat-wall-ballsNot to spoil the surprise, but they all kicked my ass today. 🙂

  • 40-30-20-10 reps for time of:
    • Toes-to-bars
    • Wallballs, 20/14#
  • Rest 5 minutes, then…
  • 40-30-20-10 reps for time of:
    • Good mornings 45/35# bar
    • Wallballs, 20/14#

Um. No. Just, no.

We could scale, sure. Toes to bars became knees to elbows or knee raises or eventually sit-ups.

I got through the round of 40 t2b and wall balls and wasn’t fast, but kept going. But in the middle of the round of 30 I noticed I was not feeling great. Not shocking, I know – but this kind of “not great” made me feel like I was going to spew the breakfast I did not eat all over the floor. Nobody needed that.

So I walked around, tried to shake it off, and then went back to the round of 20. Stacy had me even go down to sit-ups. Great.

Took me 21 minutes to finish the first half of this workout, scaling all the way down to sit-ups. Most folks in earlier classes were FINISHING THE WHOLE THING in 25-30 minutes. This was not a good sign that I was only half done in 20 minutes.

dnfThen we had the 5 minute rest. Now, I’ve come to realize in my time with crossfit that rests in a workout are not a good thing. They give your body time to cool down and start to recover, but that only makes it worse. It’s not a full recovery – it’s a faux recovery.

I got through 40 good mornings with an unloaded 45# barbell and then started at the wall for wall balls. I got through 10 of them and was done. Every time I dropped into the squat at the bottom, I felt like I was going to toss my cookies.

Now there are athletes at our box who are ok with the whole “vomit during a workout” thing. That’s not my schtick. If I get to the point where I’m going to throw up, something isn’t right with me and it’s time to listen to my body. I’m ok with pushing, but pushing to that level is beyond what I am willing to do.

I took a DNF and walked outside again. Why? Because after 30 minutes of work I still had another 150 reps to complete. I might have finished sometime tomorrow at the rate I was going.

So… no. That’s the word for the day. Not sure if the humidity today played a part or if it was just my crappy fooding and sleeping over the weekend, but… no. It wasn’t happening today.

I don’t want to do this

Now… I could beat myself up about this, which is my usual approach to self defeat. Bang my head on the proverbial wall until I am guilty enough to do something stupid and push harder next time. Or I can just try to do better tomorrow.

I have enough going on right now in my life that I think I’m going to try and opt for the second choice.

Great work everybody! And thanks Stacy for the encouragement. My body was not feeling it today and my brain was not pushing through. So… better luck tomorrow.

Have a great day folks!


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