A Humid Team WOD

Hello, Saturday! Today I made it to the team workout at CrossFit Continuum for a few reasons. First, I usually show up when I can. Second, the rest of my family is in Denver for a soccer tournament and this seemed like a good way to “pay penance” for not going to watch games yet this weekend. Third, I really didn’t have any excuse not to go. đŸ™‚

31-heroes-logoSo after a quiet morning here, I rolled in and caught the advanced class finishing up with Jared and his wife, Isaac and Nancy, Drea, Bill, Evan, Marino, Larry and maybe one or two other folks. They were doing yesterday’s 31 Heroes workout and it looked rough. Yesterday’s classes did it as well, but I skipped it. (Yes, I probably cherry-picked and avoided it because of the running – a common theme with me.)

But the team workout that started today at 10am – man that was full of folks! We had probably 30 folks participating today – the place was hopping! Caleb & Megan, Bill, Jared, Adi, Clare, Monica, Deana, Kaila, Stacy, Jenny, Melissa, and a whole mess of people were joining in.

I got to work with John, a new member who is a fireman here in Colorado Springs. And he did awesome. I warned him I was slow and even though he’s only a week back to crossfit, he was humming right along and pushed me nicely. đŸ™‚

1354471782We started with “Pizza Tag” as Isaac coined it. All the ab mats came out and people with the mats would hold them up like they were holding a pizza and the rest of us were “it” and would knock them off. If your pizza got knocked off, you’d do 5 push-ups, 5 sit-ups, and 5 air squats, then get back out there. If you knocked off someone’s pizza, you got to hold the pizza – and so on. I knocked off Megan’s and then had mine knocked off. I was happy to kind of hide in a corner doing a couple rounds of the 5/5/5 to stay out of the way. đŸ™‚

After that, we started putting together the various stations we’d need for the workout. In teams of 2, we had to complete a 7-minute AMRAP at each station with a 1 minute transition in-between. Most of the movements were a “one team member working at a time” kind of thing.

  • Station 1: 200 meter run together and 10 burpees (scale-push ups)
  • Station 2: 60 DUs (scale-60 single) and 10 pull ups (scale-ring rows)
  • Station 3: Rowing 250 meters and 10 TTB (scale-sit ups)
  • Station 4: 10 box jumps (24/20) (scale-step ups) and 10 wall balls (20/14) (scale-8 reps)
  • Station 5: 10 back squat (135/95) (scale-75/55) and 10 KB swings (55/35) (scale-weight of KB)

7TaonKRbcJohn and I started at Station 1, deciding we wanted to get the running out of the way. But we had people all over – no more than 4 teams at a time at a single station. And in all but one case we got through 4 rounds at each station (Station 5 was within 5 reps of 4 rounds and Station 4 we hit 7 or 8 full rounds) so we did pretty well.

We scaled a bit:

  • We both did single-unders
  • I did high knees to elbows as best I could and attempted one or two toes to bar
  • I did 20″ step-ups
  • I did (I think) 115# back squats just because that was a loaded bar that was already there

I hate running in all forms. Even 200m was rough and I walked off and on the last two rounds. And by Station 4 my quads were pissed off. By Station 5 I was fighting throwing up, which was entertaining. It didn’t happen, but I was not feeling all that well. The humidity was also a factor I think. Everybody was sweating buckets – more than usual. đŸ™‚

But even splitting the work, we kept moving pretty well. I was the slow factor but kept chugging. And John did awesome.

Everyone really did awesome. Today there were a lot of new faces and they were all chugging along. It was great to see.

Great work everybody! Hope you all have a fantastic day!


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