Oh My, Elizabeth.

After yesterday’s experience with the 7 minute pain cave, I was dreading today. I heard it was a week of benchmarks. To me now that means “push hard until you’re dead.” Not sure that’s what it should mean, but hey – it’s my head. I’ll exaggerate if I want to. 🙂

But an addiction is an addiction, even if it’s a good one.So I found myself at the box yet again. Today my eldest daughter stayed home, but my youngest went along to participate so it was me, AJ, and Coach Stacy along with a great group of folks: Jonathan and Sarah, Anna, Andrea, Melissa, and three new folks visiting from Las Vegas. Larry helped Stacy out with the coaching as well (he coached the 5am and 6am classes and did the workout between them I think he said).

Even before we started, after looking at the board, I asked Stacy if there was a time cap for the day. She smiled and said 12 minutes, to which I replied – cool. I didn’t have a firm number in my head when we started so I hoped we were good. 🙂

Nope, I didn’t look this good. 🙂

We started with a 400m run, did a few jumping ring dips, med ball cleans, and a ring hold. Then we talked about the ring dips and worked through some skill work.

  • 5×5 strict ring dips or box dips

After a few corrections, I did a few better dips. But I did 5-5-4-3-2 as my shoulders and pecs started to give up. At least they weren’t weighted!

Once that was all done we worked through some squat clean progressions with an empty barbell and talked about the workout itself.

elizabeth-wodElizabeth is 21-15-9 reps for time of:

  • 135/95# squat cleans
  • ring dips

We had the option of scaling to level II:

  • 21-15-9 of 95/65# squat cleans
  • 15-12-9 of ring dips

Or level I:

  • 15-12-9 of:
  • 65/45# squat cleans
  • banded strict dips or box dips

As Jar Jar Binks might say… “missa don t likein squat cleans.” Ugh.

We split up into two heats of 5 people each. AJ went in the first heat and did awesome. She used 35# on the bar and did box dips with the 15-12-9 (Level I) variation in 6:23. Jonathan blew through the workout in under 6 minutes I think – he smoked it.

43ce9a0121e5f152964937b433e272cfI was not nearly so fast in the second heat. As Larry pointed out after the class was done, I really need to work on the shrug part of the clean. Every single one of my cleans was pretty much a muscle clean. I was getting good depth on the squat and I just kept moving as much as possible, but my cleans are not good at speed – especially when they’re light.

I think I could have done 135# but I wouldn’t have finished in the time cap. So I scaled to level II and did 95# squat cleans, a few ugly ring dips, and then a lot of ugly banded ring dips.

Finished in 11:59. One second under the time cap. My round of 21 was ok but by the round of 9 I was struggling big time for breath and to keep moving. By then my cleans were one at a time and my ring dips, even banded, were 3 to 5 at a time max.

I appreciated all of the support, even from the new folks. It was a struggle. I broke it down further and further until I couldn’t go more than 1 rep at a time. But I kept moving though I didn’t want to.

That’s the pain cave. Discomfort at any level and my brain goes – wait, why are you hurting yourself? I’m actually going to talk about that in a post over at ChalkToTheBar.com later this week.

At any rate – thank you to everybody who cheered me on at the end. I appreciated it. And great work to everybody who struggled through that workout!!


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