A Whole Lotta Attempts

Today was interesting at CrossFit. It’s the first time I can recall having a workout that nobody has done Rx. When the coaches even come out and say they wouldn’t do it at Rx levels, I have to wonder. 🙂

stick-jumpSo it was just me and AJ heading to Continuum this morning for an 8:30 class and we got in early to do a little bit of stretching, which was nice. Coach Drea was busy so we just quietly hung out on the floor and tried to make knees, hips, and backs feel a bit better. By the time class time rolled around, we had been joined by Coach Bill, Todd & Melissa, Ellen, and Connie.

We started with a 400m run in the parking lot. Got back inside and did some hanging, strict Hollow body to Superman movements, plate to overhead (25# plate), 30 second plank hold, and some roll to candlestick. I should have done single leg, but I can barely do both legs and roll up to hang on to the post on the bar… Pretty, they ain’t.

From there we shifted to a 5×5 strict pull-ups work. I suck at strict pull-ups. I can usually do one or two every now and then. Most of us did Level 2, which was feet on the box with a lower bar, and they were still awkward as all get out.

And that brought us to the MetCon…

If we had done it Rx, it was all of this for time:

  • 100 chest to bar pull-ups
  • 100 handstand push-ups
  • 100 sit-ups
  • 100 one-legged squats, alternating

Nobody did that. Everybody looked at the number of reps and the quality of movements and the time we had for a class and said… “Um, no.”

The next level (level 2) lowered it to 75 reps. Same response.

weights-silhouettesThe lowest level (level 1) adjusted it a bit:

  • 50 jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • 50 dumbbell shoulder press
  • 50 sit-ups
  • 50 one-legged box squats, alternating

Even this low rep scaled version was a challenge today. I attempted one handstand push-up just to see how it felt today – both elbows popped and I immediately grabbed a pair of dumbbells. It wasn’t worth it. 🙂

Jumping C2B? Should be easy, right? HAHAHAHA… Apparently not. I started jumping from the floor, quickly moved to jumping from a 35# plate, and then added another 25# plate on top of it. I would get a few and then not be able to pull, walk away, start again. It was in spurts of 1-4 where I successfully hit the bar with my chest – and then would miss one or two times, get frustrated, walk away, shake it off, go back again… Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

I think I did 100 or more C2B attempts and only got 50 out of the mix. It took nearly 12 minutes of my time just for that one movement alone.

After that it was just gutting through the reps. At first I didn’t realize the shoulder press were strict, but Bill caught me and let me know. So I flubbed the first 25 of those and did 30 more strict to make up for it a little. But the sit-ups were fine in sets of 5 or 10. And the pistols were sore on the knees, but not awful – so I tried to bang those out quickly.

59980023When all was said and done, I finished in 21:34. And again, I was in the middle of the pack today because I was able to scale. I was fine with that. 🙂

AJ did level 1 as well and finished in 20:52. She used 10# dumbbells for her shoulder press, a 15# plate for her sit-ups, and did her pistols to a bench instead of a box. She did fine and said she had more issues with her shoulder press than the jumping pull-ups. Everybody has different mobility or strength things to work on.

Ellen finished first in about 17 or 18 minutes I think – she had to skip out early and started a couple of minutes before Bill kicked off the clock. Melissa gutted everything out but I’m not sure what her time was. Meanwhile Todd and Connie were plowing through reps as fast as they could go – and it took a while. Connie struggled with jumping C2B but alternated between handstand push-ups and shoulder press. Todd just kept chugging through C2Bs and HSPUs as fast as he could.

It was a challenge for everybody – even at the lowest level. I think everybody scaled in some way or fashion.


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