DFL means “Didn’t Give Up”

… but damn I wanted to.

Today’s WOD was a challenge on a lot of levels. One of those workouts where you go in thinking “sure, this will be fine” and it smokes you in ways you couldn’t predict.

The day started ok. Got a little done for work then headed in to Crossfit Continuum for the 8:30 class with my family. The whole Fitzy clan went today – Evie, Mickey, and AJ, plus myself. We were joined by a great crew – Anna, Debbie, Ellen, Adrienne (and Jayda today – yay!), Danielle, and Connie (happy birthday Connie!). And we were under the watchful eye of Coach Drea.

jumpropeWe started with a 400m run, then did some bear crawls, knee hugs, thoracic high fives, and some jumping. Pogo jumps and double-under practice for a few minutes.

Once that was all finished, we did some overhead squat practice with a PVC pipe and an unloaded barbell, got our equipment together, and started to work. That was where the trouble started. 🙂

The workout was:

  • four rounds for time
  • 30 double-unders (or 60 singles)
  • 20 overhead squats (75/55#)
  • 15 wall balls (20/14# med ball)
  • 10 burpees
  • 2 minute rest between rounds

Fine. Sounds simple enough. I scaled to 60 singles and did everything else as prescribed.

snatch5Finished the first round a bit tired, but knew my thighs and hips were starting to bug me. Took longer for round #2. Round #3 I was doubled over trying to keep moving. It wasn’t the overhead shoulder position today – it was the squat at the bottom. I walked outside during round 3 to take a brief break, then came back in and finished slowly. And then with only one round left I decided I might as well just keep chugging.

I moved out of the way so the next class could get started and I wasn’t in their path and chugged a little at a time.

I eventually finished in 37:43. DFL, but I finished. Damn I wanted to quit. And I did a couple of times, but I kept going. It just took forever. I think the jumping and squatting was just enough to set everything in a pissed off mode.

stopwatchThank you to everyone who stayed to help motivate me through it. I am the exception for this workout – I think most folks finished around 20 minutes.

Took my wife 21 minutes. Took my daughters 27-30. It was a challenging workout. I’m fried.

I’m glad it’s done. 😀

Thanks for letting me just chew through it a little at a time Drea. It wasn’t the kind of pain where it was an injury – it was just discomfort more than anything. So I knew I needed to keep chugging along – I just didn’t want to. It was mental more than anything else.

Great work everybody – y’all killed it!


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