End of another chapter…

When I started doing Crossfit at Crossfit Continuum in February 2013, I had no idea it would have as big an impact on my life as it did. After several months I helped the box move from one location to another at a time when I hardly volunteered to help my friends move. And here we are a few years later doing it again.


But of course, the day had to start with one last team workout at the old location. I arrived with Mickey a bit early and we got started pretty quickly with a huge turnout.


Carrie got a great picture of the whole crew – and we had more show up for the move later. 🙂

We started with a 400m jog and came back in only to be broken into teams to play tic-tac-toe. I have to say we didn’t start out well, but we ended up winning one heat out of three so I’ll consider us lucky!

IMAG0696Once that was done we looked at the board… We had quite our work cut out for us!

Mickey and I were joined by Melissa to form our team of three and we began a 25 minute AMRAP GRID-style… One member had to do the following movements while the other two were back behind a line. When they finished, they’d run back and tag another person to go do…

  • 6 pull-ups
  • 11 sit-ups
  • 3 handstand push-ups (HSPUs)

We did well for a while, but eventually the pull-ups got to us I think. Mickey tore and Melissa was close to tearing. But by the end we got through 25 full rounds and almost a 26th – it was nuts and lots of fun.

Once that was done though the real work began… We moved into the Windchime location back on June 1, 2013 (only 4 months after I started doing crossfit) and that number figured heavily in the next phase.

We had to lift 6,113 lbs in each of four different movements:

  • Deadlifts
  • Clean & Jerk
  • Back squat
  • Snatch

Honestly I wasn’t sure we were going to finish, but we did.

It took us about 40 minutes to finish all 24,000 lbs – doing all movements as squat cleans where appropriate. We did a ton of reps to get there. I did pretty well with deadlifts and back squats. Clean & jerk became thrusters essentially and snatches became power snatches, not squat snatches. We worked with lighter weights and did lots and lots of reps.

But we made it. Woo hoo! Melissa, thanks for teaming up with us – you were a trooper. And thanks for all the encouragement – I know we were all flagging a bit at the end!

Once all that was done, we were supposed to do a rowing competition – guys vs. gals – but we were all fried by that point and it was time to start packing up what was left at the box to move to the new location. So thank goodness we didn’t have to row 6,113 meters on top of all that! 🙂

Mickey and I helped a bit with loading various trucks with gear. Weight plates. Bars. Bits and pieces. And then we had to go home to walk the dogs and get some stuff before we headed to the new location.

Once there we moved tons of rubber mats, equipment, and whatever else needed moving. I think we were there about 4 hours or so and they were setting up the rig when we left.

I think it’s possible I may have overdone a bit today, so I’m glad I have a few days to recover. The first new day at the new box will be Weds, so we’ll see if we make it Weds morning or if our first workout will be Thursday – but we’ll be there soon!

Great work everybody! Amazing how much got moved in so short a time!

Everyone should sleep well tonight. 🙂


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