Saturday Partner Workout

Today it was just me heading into the box for the team workout. My wife is working. My kids are visiting one set of grandparents. It’s been a while since that was happened – usually I go with a family member in tow. šŸ™‚

First, we’ll talk about something that’s tangentially crossfit-related. Clothes.

cf-sayings-t-shirtI wore Mickey’s new crossfit t-shirt design (we ordered a few from Spreadshirt) to show it off. We weren’t quite sure how it was going to fit or feel, so this served as a useful test. According to Spreadshirt it’s a “Tri-Blend Performance T-Shirt for Men, Made from 50% polyester, 37.5% cotton, 12.5% rayon, Brand: ALL Sport.” I would characterize it as not as comfortable as some of the shirts we’ve had from other manufacturers like Hylete or Reebok. It’s not bad though. Just a little scratchier than some of the other workout tees I have.

Plus we had some issues with shipping. We ordered two t-shirts and two racer-backs. The two tees ended up with some transfer of red ink from the design when they were folded for shipping. Not sure if that’s a normal occurrence before – but we’ve ordered other shirts for my wife’s non-profit from Spreadshirt and never had an issue so I wonder if it’s just something about the fabric.

Anyway – it fits well. It’s not as comfortable as other shirts, but still fairly comfortable. And we’ll see how it washes. I have a note into the company about the ink transfer.

I did have a few comments about it from friends at the box, so once we figure out how to make it a bit better we’ll announce it’s availability. šŸ™‚

February 29, 2016 at 1109AMAt any rate, the advanced class was finishing up this morning’s workout. It looked like it ended with ring muscle ups and everybody was really sweaty – so I think it was a bit rough for a few folks. Glad I wasn’t doing it. šŸ™‚

Instead I was one of 12 people who was there for the last team workout at our current box location (we’re moving next weekend). Bittersweet I think. We had Monica & Dan, Brent, Dee, Stacy, Kelli & her son, Mike and his wife, and a maybe one or two other folks. It was a good crew as per usual. šŸ™‚

We started with an 850m/1000m row or an 800m run. I opted for the row. And then we did things like squat-to-stand, Spider-man lunges, high knees, and other things to get a bit warm. Once that was done we talked about the day’s partner WOD. I worked with Larry today, which was fun.

  • 25 minute AMRAP
  • 750m row or 200m x4 runs. One partner rows or runs while the other holds a 135/95# barbell in front rack position
  • 60 burpees. For each burpee, the other partner must do a squat with a medicine ball.
  • 60 push press (135/95#). While one partner does push press, the other does a handstand hold.

Larry and I adjusted it a bit. We started with 115# on the bar and dropped it to 95# about 2/3 of the way through the push presses. I was having issues with burpees as my right shoulder got crankier and crankier, which translated to problems with holding a handstand hold on the wall and doing the push press. But we made it work.

Olympic weightsWe made it through one complete round and into the burpees of the second round in 25 minutes.

Once that was done for everybody we did the second part of the workout, which was:

  • 15 minute AMRAP
  • 60 weighted sit-ups
  • 60 deadlifts (135/95#)
  • 60 double-unders (or 120 singles)
  • 60 back squats (135/95#)
  • 60 push-ups

Larry used a 35# plate for the sit-ups and I used a 20# medicine ball. We did singles. And I was fine until the back squats. Larry did 15 and I’d do 10. He got through those last 5 pretty quickly too. And push-ups, he did 20 in a row. I did 10. Not my forte.

We got all the way through one round and back into sit-ups before we ran out of time.

But I think we did pretty well to make it all the way through and into a second round on both of the AMRAPs. Great work Larry!

And great work everybody else!



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