End of 24-Day Challenge

So I’ve written a little about the results of being on the Advocare 24-Day Challenge… You saw the dramatic decrease in triglycerides, which was awesome. And weight-wise I’m still down 6-8 pounds from where I started depending on the day.

  • Start: 240.6
  • End: 232.6 (but fluctuates up to 235 depending on the day)

Ultimately I’m happy about it. But here are what I think are the longer-term gains…

advocare-24-day-challenge-logoFirst, I’m eating more consistently. Having a bit more of a regimented schedule has really helped…

Up by 6:30 for a shot of caffeine (Spark or coffee). Breakfast 30-45 minutes later. Snack at 10am. Lunch around noon. Snack at 3pm with another shot of caffeine. Dinner after 6 usually. Plus continuing to drink lots of water during the day – shooting for near 100 oz still though I am supposed to consume half my body weight. 🙂 Still better than I was.

Second, we’re eating a bit better again. I can tell when I go off script and eat more bread than I should or have more dairy than I should. And I can definitely tell when I have had too much caffeine during the day, so we’re trying to keep that a bit more controlled.

And we’re drawing more lines in the sand as far as meal planning goes. We have been coming up with a list of 5-6 dinners over the weekend and that informs our lunch choices as well. If we shop for dinner ingredients once a week (usually means buying a lot of chicken and eggs) we’re much better off.

no-coffeeThird, I’m not sure about all the supplements quite honestly. But I have seen a difference when taking supplements in the morning vs. the evening. I usually take all my meds (my one prescription, vitamin D, glucosamine, vitamin C, and ibuprofen) before bed. But I’m going to start taking some fiber with breakfast and a multivitamin again in the morning.

I did try the supplement packs for energy vs. the middle-of-the-road supplement packs we were taking during the challenge. Holy crap. My head felt like it was full of bees the one morning I took the morning doses and focus was awful. Not my cup of tea on that front. But whatever they had in the mid-range supplement packs worked ok. I saw more weight change in the first chunk of the challenge than the rest however.

Three weeks plus was a good timeframe. It provided enough time to get some crap out of my system (i.e. alcohol and a massive reduction in caffeine) and see some change.

I would have liked to have seen more weight loss, but that will likely come with time. We’ll see how it goes and if I can stick with it. 🙂 The blood work was an eye opener, so something I’ll need to watch going forward as well.

An expensive few weeks, but overall a good use of time I think.


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