Guest Post: The 8:30 Class

This guest post comes in from the 8:30 class today… Thanks guys!

The Fitzpatrick family (Brian, AJ and Mickey) were overcome with weakness today, but Ev said “F(&^*( that!”, and got herself to the 8:30 at Crossfit Continuum. The class was led by a solo Larry (congrats!) and included Jonathan, Sarah, Evelyn, Melissa, Todd, Brie, and Lucas. A lively bunch to be sure.

6bb55eb4e704d065f9a2b7bba96240b8It began with some warm-ups: Spider-man lunges, mountain climbers, fire hydrant circles, and crossover reaches. No running for a warm-up, but that was coming.

The WOD was “Laredo”. 6 Rounds for time:

  • 24 Squats
  • 24 Pushups
  • 24 Walking Lunges
  • 400m Run

Easy enough right? None of that looks that difficult by itself. As with anything Crossfit, looks can and often are deceiving. The first 3 rounds weren’t awful, but then you really have to dig deep to get through the rest, and that’s exactly what Ev did.

What everyone is quickly learning at Continuum though, is you can’t stop Ev. For all 6 rounds, she never stopped.

She ran the whole 1.5 miles and kept pushing up until the end. We were all impressed by the grit she showed to finish off his tough WOD. Ev clocked in at 37:42.

She’s making great progress and we can all see it, great job Ev!

Guest Author: The 8:30 class


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