Front Squats Make the Day Better

Workout #2 for the week… Made it in for another 9:30 workout with my whole crew. And Coach Larry was there to keep us all in line. 🙂

front-squat-300x280Ev, Mickey, AJ, and I were joined by a fun group of folks – Ashley, Kelly, Deana, Jenny, Debbie, Monica, Dee, Melissa, Lisa, and Caleb. We had a full house. Plus we saw the 8:30 crew finishing up – Jonathan and Sarah, Ellen, Dan, Ray, Todd, Adrienne, and Connie. Connie even stuck around to work with Ev and Melissa for the first part I think. 🙂

Started with a 400m run and then jumped right into warming up for our 1 rep max front squats today. I worked with Caleb (who can lift a whole heck of a lot more than me). We started with 135#, jumped to 185#, then 225#, and 245#. That tied my old 1RM. I tried 255# a couple of times but could not find a way to fight out of the bottom and keep the bar up. (My squats did not look anything like the guy in the picture.)

Meanwhile Caleb kept adding weight. He worked his way up to 335#!

I really need to work on figuring out how to not pivot my hips forward on these movements. I suspect a lot of it will have to come from pushing my knees out harder, but I somehow missed the front squat days this cycle and didn’t really have a chance to work on it much.

How’d the rest of the Fitzys do for front squats?

  • Ev hit 145#
  • Mickey hit 115#
  • AJ hit 105#

They did awesome.

rogue-black-med-ball-web6_1Once that was done, we did the day’s metcon…

  • 4 rounds for time
  • sumo deadlift high pulls, 20 reps (135/95#, 115/75#, 75/55#)
  • 30 weighted sit-ups

This was a little more difficult. We did SDHPs a few weeks ago at the in-house competition and I did 20 reps at 95#, so that was the weight I chose to do. And I used the 25# Khalipa medicine ball for my weighted sit-ups.

We had a 15 minute time cap. And I had lots of trouble getting more than 5-7 SDHPs done in a row, so it took some time. I made it through three full rounds plus part of the 4th round. My left forearm felt like a rock as my grip became harder and harder to keep on the bar. But I never stopped moving. I tried to take a couple of breaths and get back to the bar or back to the sit-ups. I think I could have finished in about 20 minutes.

  • Ev finished in 15:40 with a mix of 65# and 75# SDHPs and a 25# plate for sit-ups.
  • Mickey used a 55# bar and a 15# plate for sit-ups, finishing 3 rounds in 12:30.
  • And AJ used a 15# bar and a 10# barbell for sit-ups, finishing 3 rounds in 14:22.

I think we were all a little tired when we finished. 🙂

Btw this would have gone up earlier, but I had a follow-up workout after we got home… The “lets move a bed from the second floor to the basement” WOD. As many pieces and stairs as possible. It was successful, but definitely a different kind of challenge!

Thanks Larry & Caleb for the guidance with the front squats. And thanks to the rest of the class cheering folks on after they got done with today’s workout. It never hurts to get a little more energy from the class when you’re flagging at the end. 🙂

Great work folks!


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