Running from Bears…

Or was that barely running… So close and yet so far…

16bptxYesterday I took a rest day. We saw our favorite chiropractor and he put me (and my daughters) back together. My wife would have gone but she was working and he’d seen her the previous afternoon. Can I just say how nice it is to not have my left knee screaming bloody murder?

So with a rest day under my belt, today was going to be a WOD day. Huzzah!

Survived a morning meeting and skipped another meeting to head in for a 9:30 workout with Coach Bill. The rest of my family headed in at 8:30 and said hi on their way out. 🙂

It was Bill, Ray, Yolanda, Dee, Adrienne (plus Jayda), and myself in the class. And we headed outside right away.

siluetaWe did several warm-ups, from hip rotations and but kickers to high knees and toy soldiers, then jogged and “bounded” (or “skipped awkwardly” in my case) and maybe did one or two other things. After that it was time for the running.

  • 10x 100m sprints

Yeah, you read that right. Sprints. And no, I still don’t like running. I did mention I just had my knee put back so it wasn’t as unhappy, right? 🙂

I really didn’t want to run, but let’s just say that Bill is a sneaky one and I did it anyway. 🙂 I sprinted 100m, then jogged 100m. I did that twice. There were witnesses.

Then I jogged five 100m lengths and walked one. After the first two sprints, my right foot fell asleep somewhere in the calf again. I love it when that happens. Not.

Once all that was done we headed inside to work on snatches. We did a lot of skill work with a PVC pipe, which was a good reminder after warming up outside.

snatch5We were doing…

  • 5×3 Snatches (AHAP)

I started with an empty barbell and 75# (for one set of 3), then moved up to 95# for four sets of three. Honestly I did pretty well, especially when Bill pointed out my foot position. When I jump, I tend to jump wide with my feet, so he gave me a couple of targets to shoot for as chalk lines. That helped quite a bit to keep me in check. My last few looked much better than my first few, so that was good.

And then we did…

  • 5×3 snatch grip deadlifts (1RM snatch weight)

My 1RM snatch weight is 145# (which I really thought about trying today) so I slapped some weight on the bar and worked on deadlifts. I noticed that if I focused on pushing out my knees, I could keep my shoulders back a bit smoother on the way up.

So not too bad. I’m still alive. Nothing hurts too badly. Either I didn’t push hard enough or I will hurt more tomorrow. I’m leaning towards the latter. 🙂

Great work everybody! And thanks Bill! Great class!


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