Quick update on Advocare 24-Day Challenge

After getting into the hang of things over the last few days, I’m giving up on daily updates. It’s too much like work. 🙂 But today marks the 1/3 mark so I thought I’d offer a few details.

  • Starting weight: 240.6
  • Weight as of this morning: 235.8

advocare-24-day-challenge-logoThat’s 5 pounds in a week. And though our meal schedule got a little out of whack over the weekend, I didn’t completely lose it. We have had some tortillas and cheese here and there and maybe a couple of pieces of bread now and then, but beyond those little transgressions we’re ok. No alcohol. No coffee. Not much cheese. A little bread. Not too bad.

I think Ev mentioned she was down about the same amount – about 5 pounds – from where she started. So weight-wise we’re doing well. That’s not a crazy amount of weight to lose in a week.

And let’s look at a few things…

  • listeI knew dropping coffee (and creamer) would be a challenge (no pun intended) last week. I had three days of headaches before the caffeine withdrawals dropped to the point where the Advocare Spark was effective. Now Spark works pretty well as a substitute a couple of times a day.
  • Energy-wise I seem to be on a more even keel than prior to the challenge (at least until today). But after two busy days and the stress of doing a presentation at work this morning, I’m really crashing hard even with some Spark.
  • Diet-wise I have been doing pretty well. We’re not starving ourselves. I feel like I’m eating enough (most days).
  • And meal planning has gone pretty well. We’ve actually come up with a list of 6-7 meals to make for the week two weeks in a row now and that should hopefully help us moving forward.

So I think, after a week, we’re on track and doing pretty well. If I wasn’t crashing hard right now I would qualify that as “really well” – but life sometimes throws small curve balls.

I’ll try and check in a week from now and we’ll see where we are then. 🙂


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