45 Minute Time Caps

Made it to the team workout at Crossfit Continuum this morning with my daughters. Though AJ was feeling a bit puny, she tagged along and cheered Mickey and I on, which was nice. 🙂

We were definitely not alone this morning. There were probably 5 or 6 teams of 3 people for the workout, led by Coach Larry. Mickey and I got to work out with Coach Stacy, which was fun. She kept us moving right along despite my usual slowness at times.

The workout? We had a 45 minute time cap to finish the following with a 3-person team:

  • 14ozcr600m relay with a 20#/14# medicine ball (each member did two 100m runs with the med ball)
  • 90 box-over-burpees
  • 90 wall balls (one person works while other two team members are in a plank hold)
  • 3 for 30 (x2) of push-ups, empty barbell back squat (45/35#), weighted sit-ups – each team member picks one of the three, then you rotate to the next movement and the next until each member has done each movement 2×30
  • 90 pull-ups (one person works while others do plank hold again)
  • 600m relay w/ 20/14# medicine ball again

Though we were last to finish as a team, we never really stopped moving for long. We all chugged along pretty well I thought and finished in about 42:35.

I’m always the slow man on the totem pole so I feel bad for slowing everybody down, but I kept moving and that’s all I can do sometimes. 🙂

AJ took some great photos during the workout and I saw Carrie taking lots of pictures as well, so hopefully she got some other good ones from this morning. We had a great crew and everybody was moving!

Thanks Larry for keeping us moving along – and thank you Stacy for working with Mickey and me! We had a good time and appreciated the pace.

And great work Mickey! Been a while since I got to team up with you on a Saturday. 🙂

Hope you all have a great rest of your day and a fantastic Father’s Day tomorrow!


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