Shoulders, Ow.

Yesterday was a bit of a recovery day and the last day before starting the Advocare 24-Day Challenge, so I ate and drank whatever I wanted – though I didn’t really go too crazy.

And the girls and I headed to a noon class at CrossFit Continuum. We were led by Coach Drea and had Ray, Ernie, Michael, Ant, and Trey. The kids outnumbered us. 🙂

duck_16339_smWe started with a 200m jog (Mickey already ran over a 5k and AJ ran about 800m as part of their conditioning efforts this morning, so they were warmed up) and then did Spider-Man lunges across the floor, a 30 second handstand hold, and then a bunch of snatch and squat snatch warm-ups.

It was humid today so I know I was sweating even during the warm-up, but we were all pretty ugly when we were done. The girls were complaining about it afterwards. 🙂

The first part of the workout was for strength…

  • Strength: EMOM x 20: 1 Squat Snatch (As Heavy As Possible)

My squat snatches are less than ideal. If I’m pulling from the floor I have a tendency to turn my feet out every single time. I go from normal feet to duck feet in just a couple of seconds.

Weight-wise I stayed low while I tried working on “more shrug” and “keeping my feet closer together” across the 20 reps. I started with 75# and moved up to 85#. I’m still pretty sore after Saturday’s competition, so mobility is a struggle. But I was doing ok.

It was after that I fell into a hole.


We did a MetCon… 21-15-9 of:

  • Parallette Handstand Push-Ups
  • Bar Muscle-Ups

Or some kind of scale. My scale was:

  • Handstand push-ups (and a lot of failed attempts)
  • Jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups standing on a stack of weights
  • Awkward ring-dips

I barely made it out of the round of 21. I was on the wall and maybe got through 5 HSPU attempts in the round of 15.

Definitely not my finest hour. The only positive that I can find is that I was actually able to touch my chest to the bar on the jumping chest to bars when I was standing on about 16-18″ of weight plates.

Everyone else did awesome – the kids were troopers, Ray was chugging right along like a machine, and Ernie just kept moving.

And now I’m dealing with a left shoulder that is definitely not where it should be.

Yup, it seems like a Monday after vacation. Go team go!


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