A Little June Cleaning…

Today has been an interesting day. Meetings and work this morning. A workout at lunch. Sitting in traffic for about 30 minutes while waiting for POTUS to drive by while they had I-25 closed. And learning that one of the Thunderbird pilots had to ditch the plane on the southeast side of Colorado Springs after their performance – and did so safely with as little damage as possible. Amazing.

But let’s get back to talking about my crossfit workout while I sip my coffee. πŸ™‚

When I arrived, I saw Drea, Stacy, and Kelli having a little picnic outside. It was that kind of day. So kudos for seizing the opportunity!

14ozcrI headed in and warmed up my shoulders a little before Coach Drea came in and got me going. It was just me today, so I got some good one-on-one time. Always an awesome thing. To warm up she had me start with a 500m row or 400m jog. I decided to run because I didn’t really want to. πŸ™‚ (A while back I decided that if there was a choice and I simply didn’t like one of the choices (as opposed to not being able to do it physically), I would choose the one I didn’t like. Maybe someday that will help me out. πŸ™‚ )

Anyway… I digress. After my jog, I did some med-ball cleans, roll-to-candlesticks, and hitchhikers. After that it was some skill work with an empty barbell on cleans and squat cleans.

Now, I have to clarify that squat cleans are not my favorite movement in the world. I would rather take the bar from the rack or even a high hang or power position than just about anything else. There’s something about “squat” anything where you have to go from the floor to straight up and back down again that throws me off.

Wow I’m bouncing all over the place today.

clean-pull-illustrationThe strength portion of the workout was:

  • 7 sets of 3 squat cleans

Drea had me start at 95#, then we hopped up to 135#, and dropped back to 115#, then ended up at 125#. Though I started out a little rough, my body eventually warmed up to the point where things looked a bit better. By the end I had a few good squat cleans out of the bunch.

I had two main problems – keeping tension at the start (I have a tendency to get into my setup then release tension before jerking it off the floor) and breathing. By the end I think I was doing both a bit better.

That startup position is almost a meditation or ritual and once you get into a particular set of steps it can be difficult to change. It is for me anyway. I need to go back to some of what we learned from Jared Enderton’s seminar at the beginning of the year. If I can figure out the right ritual and stick to it, most (if not all) of my lifts should improve. πŸ™‚

Once that was done, the fun was over and it was time for the metcon portion of the workout. I was not looking forward to it – but again, that just meant I had to work harder and embrace the suck.

rogue-black-med-ball-web6_1Midline:Β 4 Rounds for Reps:

  • Min 1: Med Ball Situps #20/14
  • Min 2: Russian Twist #45/25
  • Min 3: Weighted Plank #45/25

Anyone who looks at me knows that my “midline” is pretty broad these days. I don’t have a six-pack – I have a pony keg. πŸ™‚

Now, I have a few mobility issues I really need to work on at some point. One of them is my left hip, which is greatly improved from when I started – but I have pretty good mobility turning to the right and very little doing to the left. So Russian Twists are a bit awkward.

I tried with a 35# plate to see how those would go and the answer was: not well. So my workout became:

  • Min 1: Med Ball Situps #20 med ball
  • Min 2: Russian Twist #20 med ball
  • Min 3: Weighted Plank 35#

front-plankDrea was nice enough to put the 35# plate on my back every time I had to do the plank.

And honestly I did better than I expected. I averaged about 50 reps for each round and ended up with a score of 200. The sit-ups were ok. The twists got better as I moved from round to round. And the plank just sucked. I started on forearms and eventually my right shoulder screamed enough I couldn’t any more – so I switched to a high plank. And then it was the left shoulder.

Anyway… I heard that I get to thank Coach Ray for that lovely workout. I believe I said “love ya Ray” at the end of almost every round. πŸ˜‰

And thank you Drea for keeping me going. Sorry I didn’t stop to say bye when I left but you were chatting with a new athlete and I didn’t want to interrupt!



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