Med ball tennis, anyone?

Thursdays are always a treat. I have a meeting that I attend every other week because I don’t really need to be there all the time and I’d rather work out with my wife at crossfit. Today however I attended the meeting and went to a noon class with Coach Drea.

Olympic weightsAnd I was happy to find I wasn’t alone doing thrusters today! We had Bri, Ernie, and Adithya – plus Elizabeth and Elyse doing their own thing. But after a 400m jog to warm up, my happiness was crushed… with a game of med ball tennis.

How do you play med ball tennis? You take part of the floor space of your box and mark out a small court. At the center line you place a few plyo boxes. Put a few folks on either side and let them toss med balls back and forth. The rules are simple… they have to bounce once before you can grab them and if you miss one, you get to do 5 burpees.

Ernie and I played against Bri and Adithya and I think we were the athletically challenged side. Ernie had some great saves, but I was awful. He and I ended up losing 10 to 3 I think – which meant 50 burpees for us and only 15 burpees for them.

The downside of the warm-up was that my shoulders were fried after burpee time. The upside was that we were definitely warmed up after about 20 minutes of “tennis” insanity. 🙂

After that we did a few front squats and thrusters with an empty barbell before loading up our bars for the actual workout…

  • Thrusters – 5-5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1

Start at 75% of your one rep max for the 5’s, then move to 85% for the 3s, and shift to 95% or greater for the singles. Easier said than done. 🙂


I really only did two sets of 5, so I short-changed the workout slightly – but I’m ok with that because I achieved a new 1RM PR at the other end. 😉

  • 5x @ 95#
  • 5x @ 125# (75%)
  • 3x @ 135# (a bit more than 80%)
  • 3x @ 135#
  • 3x @ 135#
  • 1x @ 145#
  • 1x @ 155# (95%)
  • 1x @ 165# (my old 1RM)
  • 1x @ 175# (new 1RM with a 10# increase!)

Honestly I probably could have gone a little further, but my shoulders were on fire by that point so I decided it was good to stop. Plus we were at the end of the hour.

Ernie just kept piling on weight and got to 175# himself. Bri got to 125# I think. And Adithya was doing an EMOM for Drea and adding weight to get used to doing the thruster movement. Everybody did awesome.

I suspect that my clean will be my limiting factor for my thruster. I can (on a good day) clean 195#, front squat 245#, and push press 195# – so I should be able to thruster 195# I think. 🙂

But I’m done for now… We’ll see if I go tomorrow – and the weekend is full of soccer, so it may be Monday again before I head back… We shall see!

I do have to shout out to Elizabeth who is heading off to another state with her husband to start her career… She’s a bright, strong young lady who will be missed at our box – thanks for all the encouragement over the last couple of years! I wish them both all the best!!

Have a great day folks!


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