Tons of push-ups…

Wow. I am definitely #swole after today’s workout… not so #swoleandsexy though…

trojan-crossfit-wod-crossfit-meme-5-rounds-for-time-burpee-box-jumps-pull-ups-400x280After pretty much sitting all day Sunday after a week full of workouts, it was time to hop on the hamster wheel again and start this week off right. Pay no attention to the fact that my hamstrings are still sore from Saturday. 🙂

We had a good sized class today – Larry, Todd & Melissa, Jenny, Lori, Mike, Lisa, Debbie, Ellen, and Anne.

Started with a 400m jog, some jumping pull-ups, Cossack squats, squat-to-stands, and ring rows before doing a quick refresher on hand-release push-ups and the new banded push-up variation…

February 29, 2016 at 1109AMToday’s workout was for time:

  • 1,000-meter row (or 800m run)
  • 100 push-ups
  • 750-meter row (or 600m run)
  • 75 push-ups
  • 500-meter row (or 400m run)
  • 50 push-ups

Scaled II was a little different:

  • 1000m/800m
  • 70 push-ups
  • 750m/600m
  • 50 push-ups
  • 500m/400m

And Scaled I went even a bit lighter:

  • 750m
  • 35 banded push-ups (a new variation)
  • 500m
  • 25 banded push-ups
  • 250m
  • 15 banded push-ups

Since we were supposed to keep the time for this one under 40 minutes, I didn’t do Rx. I think 100 push-ups would have killed me (I’m not looking forward to the 200 push-ups for Murph!). So I did the scaled II version.


And, because push-ups are not my forte, I split them up a bit. I went in with the thought that if I could do half of each set as full push-ups and half from my knees, I might survive. And that’s what happened. It still sucked, but I think I’d still be there doing push-ups if I didn’t go with the lower numbers and allow myself some modifications.

We were supposed to do hand-release push-ups the whole way, but I only did hand release for my push-ups from my knees. The rest were just push and go as much as I could do.

Took me 33:23 to finish up. Definitely under the 40 minute time cap, but too long by far. Murph will take me forever at that rate. But I think I’m going to have to break it up into 10/20/30 sets (pull-ups, push-ups, air squats) to even have a chance of getting through it.

Everybody was moving right along. If a rower was busy, someone would run. And when all the rowers were busy to start, we began with push-ups. It all worked out.

I think I’m good on push-ups for a few days though… Geez!

Great work everybody! And thanks Drea!



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