Pistols and More…

Hello Monday. Once again, I am presented with my first crossfit workout in nearly a week due to meetings, events, and sickness. Don’t worry, I’m still alive – I just knew that today was going to be a bit rougher than your average Monday for that reason.

13uohkHit a patch of stomach virus last week, then was knocked on my butt by allergies again. Saw Captain America: Civil War on Friday, then was busy all weekend with soccer, Mother’s Day, and the SW Showdown at CrossFit 719 for a bit on Saturday… busy with a capital “B”.

The day began with 90 minutes of meetings, so there’s that – and then I broke away to join the 9:30 class at CrossFit Continuum. Needed to get moving again.

Arrived in time to find the 8:30 class wrapping up – lots of folks milling about. Lori, Larry, Todd & Melissa, Jenny, Sarah, Ellen, and Adrienne. Might have been a few others, but it was a big group! Bill was coaching. At 9:30 we had Joe, Jodi, and Andrea. Joel was working with Jimmy on the side.

We started with a 400m jog then did some Cossack squats, wrist circles, hitchhikers, one-legged roll-to-candlestick (in my case, two legs were just as bad), neck rolls, and one or two other things… then we did “Sally up” while back-squatting an empty barbell (here’s a video of some folks doing it with a loaded barbell for your entertainment).

I was a bit worried about the groin pull during the 3-minutes of Sally Up, but I have to say it was the other hip that gave me grief – so I’ll count that as ok.

When that was done we went through the movements for today’s workout, which was a 20 minute AMRAP…

  • 10 strict knees-to-elbows
  • 20 one-legged squats, alternating
  • 30-foot handstand walk

I can sometimes do knees-to-elbows if I kip, but doing them strict I don’t quite have the core strength to get everything tucked in – so my scale was strict knees-t0-hips-or-better.

One-legged squats are rough on the best of days, but we did them off the top of a box (20″), reaching down with one leg to the ground – just tapping if possible – and then exploding back up again. I don’t explode much. 🙂 So I did my best to rock forward on the squatting leg to roll up again and did that for the most part (with only a little launching from the down-side leg).

And though I can’t pull off a handstand walk yet (or a freestanding handstand), I gave it a try to do shoulder taps (standing in a handstand on the wall and rocking so you touch the other shoulder with the hand you lift… (See this video – but turn off the sound, it’s awful.)

Um, apparently my brain doesn’t want me removing my hands from the floor. It’s the same issue with “thinking” myself onto a box for a box jump, but with my hands screwed into the floor. I couldn’t lift them for anything. So I ended up doing 5 inchworm planks in place of that bit.

The longest part of this dang thing was definitely the pistols. I was sweating like a beast and it took FOREVER. But I managed to get through 5 full rounds plus 8 knees-to-something.

I will take it. I didn’t stop, but I did pause for a 3 or 4 breath break here and there to collect myself. Everybody else kicked butt. 🙂

When it was all done, I did a bit of couch stretch and pigeon stretch. And so far, I don’t feel too bad… Which means I’ll probably feel like hell in a couple of days when I go back!

Thanks Bill for keeping us going and great work everybody!


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