DFL still beats not starting at all…

It’s Monday and I knew it was going to be a rough one. The last workout I had was last Thursday and that was a few days ago now. I hardly moved over the weekend (except to go watch the WODs of Thunder), so I had a sneaking suspicion that moving of any kind was going to be a necessary evil today.

I was right. 🙂


Arrived for the 8:30 class with Coach Drea and we had quite a group… Lori, Sarah, KC, Jenny, Debbie, Danielle, David, and Lisa. We got underway with a 400m jog (we actually saw some blue sky this morning, which was a pleasant change over the last few days) and then did a few things as a group… hitchhikers, marching bridges, back strokes, torso rotations, and rolls to candlestick. After that we did 5 minutes of double-under practice.

Drea encouraged me to get angry at the rope so I could whip that sucker around a bit faster… but I have done my best to not get angry at just about anything, so I of course laughed at that. 🙂 Double-unders are still one of my goats – but we’ll get it eventually. As it warms up, I should do some practice on the back porch. 🙂

Once all that was done, we used an empty barbell to warm up some deadlift movements. And then… the WOD began.

  • 21-18-15-12-9-6-3
  • triple-unders (or double-unders or singles)
  • weighted sit-ups
  • deadlifts 185/125#

2e858acdad6e71d545567a3a856f0256This is definitely not one of my favorite movements. It’s heavily weighted to continuous movement in the first half of the workout and then it’s downhill… Yeah, right.

I still can’t do double-unders, let alone triples, so I just did singles. Drea wanted us to focus on speed more than beating ourselves up with movements we didn’t quite have yet. But for the rest, I used a 35# dumbbell for the weighted sit-ups and did the prescribed 185# for deadlifts.

Amazingly I did manage the first 21 deadlifts unbroken. But I kept getting tripped up on my new rope for single-unders. And I just slowed down from there.

But I never stopped for too long – I tried to catch my breath a bit and keep moving. Breathing was really my biggest issue. I did finish however, even if I was dead last.

My time was 15:34. And I’ll take that. The fastest time of the day so far was in the 7 minute range, so doubling that was ok by me. Again – I finished. Fast really isn’t my thing, but I kept moving.

Everybody else chugged right along, so great work!

When we were all done and cleaned up our equipment, it was time for a little bit of post-workout mobility. And that may have helped my hips and low back a little, but they’re still pretty tight. There will be more mobility as the day progresses… I hope.

Anyway – great work everybody! And thanks for the encouragement Drea!


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