Strict Press Thursday

Took yesterday as a rest day and saw my doc about the groin pull.

She confirmed what I already knew but clarified that it was probably a minor tear because of the bruising and we looked at any potential mobility issues… seems that it’s the muscles that pull the leg inward, not push outward, so I should watch movement in that direction. And basically just baby it a bit for the next few weeks until it feels 100%.

139jzlUltimately I boiled it down to “achy” is OK, sharp pains are not, and listen to my body. Easy enough. Might take 4-6 weeks or longer to fully heal, so we’ll keep an eye on it.

That brings us to today…

Made it to an 8:30 class with Evie, Danielle, Melissa, and Ashley with Coach Bill. Adrienne, Abby, and Sarah did the #romwod instead – sounded like yesterday’s workout was rough on the legs with all the med ball cleans and wall balls. Even got to meet Bill’s wife Amber again today (I think we met briefly in one of J. Ridds’ yoga classes last year sometime too, but it’s been a while)!

And then there was the dog contingent… Jayda (the boxer) was joined by Bill’s dog Luke (a mix of a Labrador and something else). They had fun and behaved for the most part. πŸ™‚

We warmed up with a 1,000 meter row (or 800 meter run in the light snow) and then did some banded shoulder pass-thrus and some partner shoulder stretches (thanks Bill!) on the rig and a few other things before we got going with the strict shoulder press…

We did 10 each with an empty bar:

  • deadlift
  • strict press
  • back squat
  • high pulls
  • overhead squats

And then he wanted us to do a few pull-ups to continue to open up shoulders. But by the time I hit the OH squats my forearms and grip were going, so I only did a couple of pull-ups.

press illustrationWith all of that out of the way, we started in on the strict shoulder press work today… seven sets of 3-reps, starting at 80% of our one rep max.

Math was hard today and I thought my 1RM was 135# (turned out it was 145#). So I started at 95# (65%), 105# (72%), 115# (79%), 125# (86%), 135# (93%), and then attempted 145#. I actually got it up 2x, which was awesome. And I tried one more time and got it up a third time. Then I dropped to 135# again and only got it up twice. I was fried by that point.

Essentially I managed to get my 1RM up 3x today. Huzzah! That bodes well for the next time we have to do strict press. πŸ™‚


We stepped into the yoga room after that to join the end of the #romwod and they were moving into savasana pose at the end, so we went back and did 50 wall-ball sit-ups (20# med ball) for good measure. Why? Good question –

Had a good time with everybody and Coach Bill, as per usual. πŸ™‚

We hope everybody from CrossFit Continuum participating in the WODS of Thunder 2016 at CrossFit Endemic on Saturday! We’re hoping to stop by and cheer y’all on!


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