Still Slow Tuesday

Ah yes, another day, another workout. And I’m failing at the whole “take it easy” thing – though I did scale today. We’ll see what my doctor has to say about it tomorrow.

At any rate, we made it in for a 9:30 class with Coach Drea this morning. Saw Jonathan & Sarah, Todd, Larry, and Andrea just heading out from the 8:30 class and got to work with Ashley, Adrienne (and Jayda of course), Kristen, Danielle (and little JR), and Ev in the 9:30 class. Plus we got to see Jimmy today, so that was good. 🙂


Honestly there are very few days that aren’t good at our box. Go figure!

We started with a warm-up that included a minute of jumping rope, then some leg swings with a PVC pipe (I have zero balance, so it was entertaining swinging forward, backward, side to side, and then left to right), then some arm swings and good mornings.

From there we looked at the workout for the day, which was the 3rd workout for the Hylete H3 challenge called “Titanium.” A 15-minute AMRAP of…

  • 6 double kettle-bell front rack lunges (alternating legs) (35/25#)
  • 12 butterfly sit-ups
  • 6 burpee box step-ups (24/20″)

After attempting an almost body-weight back squat last Thursday, I think I aggravated my pulled groin again and it’s been a little touch and go for a lot of things. I figured that the step-ups would hurt it for sure, so we scaled it down to just doing burpees. And I was concerned about the lunges, which aren’t my favorite thing anyway. But I did a few as a test and it was sore but not in sharp pain, so I figured I’d be ok. Even the burpees and butterfly sit-ups made it a little sore, but there was no sharp pain so I figured I was ok.

135alzThough I wasn’t particularly quick (what’s new?), I managed to keep going through the 15 minutes. I paused here and there to catch my breath, evaluate how the groin felt, and kept on going. It’s amazing to me how much that muscle gets used across the board. Even just doing butterfly sit-ups I could feel it. Burpees too.

I made it through 4 rounds and all but three reps of the 5th. Danielle and Ev both made it through 9 rounds or a little less. Not sure how everybody else did, but they were kicking butt.

The groin isn’t too bad – but my shoulders were fried after front racking two 35# kettle bells and the burpees. I was happy we did a little bit of a cool down – gentle 200m jog, PVC pass-thrus, good mornings, deep lunges (HAHAHAHA – more good mornings for me), and then cobra. Good to try and relax the shoulders a bit.

And now I’m back to work. Yay team!



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