Curses, foiled again!

I’ve been taking it easy from crossfit this week, which is to say I’ve only been twice… on Tuesday and now today. Why? Because I’m trying very hard to let my groin pull heal. In fact, I thought it was healed enough to let me do back squats… silly me.

12w2wrMy wife went at 8:30 this morning and managed a 200# back squat. That’s a 15# increase over her old 1RM and awesome. I was hoping I could get close to my old 1RM today but that was not to be.

It was just me with Drea at Noon. She let me do a 500m row and then some warm-ups – Cossack squats, marching bridges, grasshoppers, banded good mornings, and fire hydrants. After that it was PR time…

Started with back squats. Did 135# and it felt ok, so I jumped to 225# as a reasonable jumping off point. My old one rep is 275#, which I did a year ago (May 2015), so 225# should be easy enough since I was doing 5 rep sets of it two weeks ago…

Nope. Got it once and my groin pull twinged and that was it. <sigh>

12w300Then we moved to bench press. My old 1RM was 220# (set back in November 2015) but I was worried about how my groin pull would feel there. Last week I wasn’t able to even lie down on the bench without it hurting. How would it go this week?

Well, I could still feel it, but it wasn’t nearly as bad. So… warmed up at 135#, jumped to 185#, then 205#, then 215#, 225#, 235#… at 235# I had a little help from Drea, so we backed off to 230#. It wasn’t pretty, but I got it all the way up.

So that’s a 10# PR increase. I’ll take it. ๐Ÿ™‚

After that, things went wonky. Our little conditioning WOD after the strength bits was a 10 minute AMRAP:

  • 12 dumbbell deadlifts
  • 9 dumbbell hang squat cleans
  • 6 dumbbell push jerks

From experience, I can say that my body is not very balanced strength- or mobility-wise. Even during the bench press today I noticed that the right arm did most of the pushing and the left arm struggled to keep up. Well, dumbbell work for me just pushes that to an extreme.


I went with 25# dumbbells. Should have been easy, but it wasn’t. There’s something about having to stabilize both arms independently that just throws my whole body out of whack.

Deadlifts went ok. Not great, but ok. And the squat cleans… geez. Started fine but as my grip and arm failed, I noticed more and more that the left hand grip was disappearing quickly but flexibility and stability on the left side went away even faster. Mobility of pulling that arm up and back into a clean position was nonexistent after a while – to the point where I dropped the dumbbell on that side and just did cleans on the right. I think it’s the same issue that has me stuck on chest-to-bar pull-ups.

Not sure how many rounds I got through – maybe 3 and into 4 or 2 into 3 – but ultimately it didn’t really matter. I was amused watching the left side of my body give up, just like I was amused seeing how far I couldn’t get with a back squat – a movement that I love.

Long story short, it’s back to recovery mode… Just stretching and using Deep Blue and letting those muscles knit themselves back together in some way that lets me get past this and over this hump.

One day at a time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks Drea for hanging with me at the noon class and good work to everybody who kicked butt today getting some new PRs!!


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