Pulled Groins Are Bad

So I’m a few days late on writing up Thursday’s workout… the last few days have been busy with family visiting for my eldest’s high school musical debut. Today however we have a reprieve in the form of a blizzard, so I’ll quickly catch you up.

Thursday I had meetings all morning, so I ended up going to a noon class and my Dad got to tag along. This is the first time in three plus years of crossfit that one of my parents has managed to come see me do something I still can’t believe myself some days, so it was kind of fun.

uncoordinatedMy Dad has always been the athletic one. He coached football and basketball. Played softball and basketball. Used to do gymnastics and all sorts of other fun things. I remember he and my Mom having handstand races on the sidewalk in the front yard when I was a kid. They were both very active.

I was not. Band geek. Uncoordinated bookworm. Strong, but not much else. And I never worked out. Wasn’t my thing. So I’m still surprised that I’m sticking with crossfit after all this time. Happy, but surprised. And so are my parents.

So my Dad came and met our trainer and box owner Drea while I worked out. I wasn’t alone in the noon class – Joe was there too. And though I was a little concerned about my groin pull, I figured I’d do what I could.

To warm up, we did a conditioning AMRAP for 15 minutes… Each “round” was:

  • 400m run (or 500m row)
  • and 3 rounds of “Cindy”
    • 5 pull-ups
    • 10 push-ups
    • 15 air squats

Folks seemed to be getting through a couple of rounds, so I started on my merry way with the running clock. I ended up getting through one full round plus all but the last round of 5/10/15 in a second one. Not too bad. The push-ups (as per usual) were the rough part of the equation and combined with the pull-ups it was a shoulder double whammy, but we chugged through it.

Olympic weightsI was amused that doing kipping pull-ups tweaked the groin pull now and then, but did ok once I warmed up a bit.

That said, I didn’t get far with the rest of the workout…

  • Back Squat – 3×5 (Increase #5 from last week)
  • Bench Press – 3×5 (Increase #5 from last week)

I started with back squats and did an empty bar (felt ok), 135# (felt ok), and then jumped up to 185#. Down wasn’t a problem, but up was. I discovered that on the way up that groin pull was aggravated so I swam with the left hip and quad up to avoid it. That quickly started pulling that side of my leg equation – so I didn’t continue.

Put my stuff away and waited for Joe to finish his back squats. He looked awesome.

Then I tried to warm up with an easy 135# bench press and almost yelled just lying down on the bench. It was ouchy. So I called it.

I should have done 230# and 190# for my back squats and bench press… but that wasn’t happening. I was hoping to be able to continue to increase weight on my bench press… Sad panda.

7ddab0239cdee568d2b75c5c092c03e1My goal for next week is to survive the first day of strength work – strict press and deadlifts – to go for a new one rep max. But I don’t think the rest of it’s going to happen.

And… I may have to take some time off from crossfit to rest it up. I’m not looking forward to that. A week off will be difficult, but may be what I need.

Friday night I was getting ready for bed and putting some Deep Blue on the area, I discovered some deep bruises were bubbling up. They’re looking beautiful. So I’m not sure that I did any favors trying to roll it out with a lacrosse ball and bigger physical therapy ball the other night…

It doesn’t take much to tweak it. So boo. We’ll see what next week brings and then give it some rest.

Anyway… We’re chugging along and hopefully it will start to get better with time.


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