Hello Isabel…

Today is Wednesday… that makes this three days in a row! And my groin pull is still giving me grief, but we’ll continue to work through that a day at a time.

Got through a few things with work this morning, then headed to a 9:30am class with Ev and Danielle. Coach Drea had the three of us and Ashley to keep track of (plus little JR), so it was a fun little group. We got there in time to see the 8:30 class doing the #romwod in the other room, so it was pretty quiet, all things considered.

isabelI warmed up shoulders a bit while we waited for the other class to finish… I knew it was going to be a lot of overhead today. When Drea came in, she had us run 400m (and I rowed 500m) and we did some other movements like Cossack squats, squat-to-stands, pigs-on-skates, and Spider-man lunges to get moving. But from then on it was all about the Olympic snatch.

We focused (with an unloaded barbell) on the different parts of the snatch movement. The pull, the shrug, the high elbows, and finally dropping under the bar at the top. Though these movements occasionally were an issue, I made it through and decided I’d do today’s workout with as much weight as I could stand…

  • “Isabel” is 30 Olympic snatches for time at #135/95

They did “Grace” last week and I didn’t go, so I was curious to see how I’d do with another one of the CrossFit benchmark workouts.


I warmed up with 75# and it felt ok. Pushed it to 95# and that felt a little much today, so I dropped it to 85#. Our goal was to try and find a workable weight that was on the edge of our comfort zone for the number of reps we were trying to accomplish. Shooting for 5 or 6 minutes at the outside. Most folks were in the 2 to 3 minute range in previous classes it looked like, but only a few were doing it Rx.

12g0cjSo with 85# on the bar, we got started. I managed the first 13 reps unbroken then broke it into 4-6 rep chunks after that. And I was done in 2:54. Under three minutes. And I was the first one done. That never happens.

Funny enough the only thought I had while I sat next to the wall catching my breath was “dang – I should have gone heavier”. Drea wants me to try with 115# next time. 🙂

Danielle finished in 3:07 with 65#. Ev finished in 3:17 with 60#. And Ashley was done in 3:30 with 60#. We were all done well under the 5 minute mark.

Once we got collected and cleaned up, we went and did the #romwod for the day. Not so sure about #swoleandflexy – but definitely felt stretchier. 🙂

And now… I have to do some research on fixing this groin pull. I worked on it with a lacrosse ball, a foam roller, and a yoga block for a good 30-45 minutes last night before bed. Beyond bruising myself further I’m not sure what good it did. To the Interwebz I will go!

But for now I’m back to work so we’ll see what the rest of the day brings. Great work everybody!


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