Strength Day plus H3

Today has not been the most productive day known to man. It started off with a few hours of work and took off in random directions after that. Thankfully the first stop in the random direction part was CrossFit Continuum for a 9:30 class. I’ll focus on that and won’t bore you with the rest of the madness. Promise.

Barbell_DeadliftSo when we got there, we found quite a few folks from the 8:30 class finishing up. I saw Mike attempting 365# deadlifts, Jonathan attempting 315#, and many other folks doing pull-ups and strict press. They were all rocking it. 🙂

As part of the 9:30 class, Coach Drea had her hands full… Ev, myself, Brianne, Danielle, Andrea, Adrienne, Abby, their friend, and Jayda. We started with a 400m run and I immediately ran into issues. The first few meters were fine but it quickly became apparent that pounding on my sore quad wasn’t helping. So I headed back inside and did some slow pigeon stretches.

Hylete c3 – Magnesium

We were told to grab our kettle bells and a jump rope and did the first Hylete c3 workout (Magnesium) as a warm-up – a 12 minute AMRAP:

  • 12 goblet squats (35/25#)
  • 48 single-unders
  • 12 Russian kettle bell swings (53/35#)

c2bThis should have been easy to do quite honestly, but I hit some snags early on with that thigh. Goblet squats, even light ones, were tough to do at a good pace. I was shooting for 6 rounds and got through 4. Not my best work, but I was definitely warmed up by the end even if my leg wasn’t happy.

I know that the c3 challenge is for charity more than anything else, but I was hoping to do a little better on that part.


Once that was done we split up to work on the Strength portion of the day.

  • Deadlifts – working towards a heavier 5 rep max (increase 10# from last week)
  • Strict press – three sets of 5 reps (increase 5# from last week)
  • Max strict pull-ups – three sets

I wasn’t quite sure how I’d do today, but I actually did pretty well.

Deadlifts I warmed up with 135# and 225#, then did sets of five reps at 255#, 265#, and finally 275#. The last set was 10# higher than last week’s top set at 265# so I’ll take it. Nowhere near Jonathan’s 315# or Mike’s 365# but decent. Still felt heavy to me. 🙂

Strict press, I did one set of 5 reps at 125#, then added 5# and did my second set with 130#. I repeated 130# one more time after that. I never knew how much leg was actually involved in a strict shoulder press, but it seems I tense from the bottom of my feet up to the bar overhead because dang that leg fired up again.

In-between each set of strict press I did one strict pull-up, focusing on full extension at the bottom and using an overhead grip. Not too impressive, but at least I’m consistent now. Last week I could only manage one and then didn’t have the arm strength to do it again – this week I was a little better.

Little happy dance…

snoopy-dancePR-wise, I’m quite pleased. A set of five strict shoulder presses with 130# beats my one rep max from February 2015 of 125#. And a set of five touch and go deadlifts with 275# is almost my first one rep max from August 2013. Even with a sore leg, I’m getting better bit by bit.

We’ll see where we go from here tomorrow. I need to continue to work on this sore quad and see if I can loosen the sucker up.

Great work this morning folks! You all killed the day!



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