Sprints on Strength Day???

Today has started out well… I managed to skip a meeting I didn’t really need to be at anyway and get to a morning workout with my wife. It was a nice change for a Thursday, especially after dealing with allergies all night and coughing. Ugh.

I really wasn’t sure how I’d do physically today with a stitch in my side from coughing last night and a slight wheeze. I’m a bit of a mess with all the trees growing out of control this week (and the next few)… hopefully the air will shift soon.


Though today is a strength day, I saw that the second half of the workout involved a series of sprints. I went in thinking “sure, I can sprint on a rower”…

We arrived a hair late for the 8:30 class, but were definitely not alone. Drea and Jimmy were there and a whole bunch of folks were running in the parking lot when we arrived: Lori, Maria, Ashley, KC, Carrie, Jenny, Todd, Abby, Adrienne, Danielle, and David were all running or getting ready to run. Somehow Ev and I managed to avoid the warm-up jog and fell in with the barbell warm-up instead…

The barbell warm-up was sets of different movements with an empty barbell… 10 deadlifts. 10 push press. 10 back squats. 10 upright rows. 10 overhead squats. Once all that was done, we broke up into groups because there were so many of us.

I worked with Todd, KC, and David today. This is only David’s second week at Continuum, but he chugged right along with us. Todd and KC pushed me a bit, which was good too.

Barbell_Bench_PressWe started with back squats: three sets of five heavy squats. Last week I did 185#, 205#, and 225#. Today once we warmed up to 225# I did three sets there. We were supposed to add 5# but my right knee was twinging a little, so I stayed at 225# until it felt comfortable (though hard to push through 5 reps). My one rep max is 275# so I suspect I need to add more weight to this movement next week if I really want to increase that at all.

And then we shifted to bench press. Again, we were supposed to do three sets of five. Last week I did 135/155/175#. This time I did a set of five at 175#, a set of five at 185#, and then a set of 4 (with help on the 4th) at 185#. That last set was spicy. Might have pushed a bit further than I expected there, but we’ll see what it looks like next week. My one rep max is 220# and I would like to increase that a little.

Then the fun began. Remember how I said I didn’t think I was going to run, that I was going to row? Ha!

traffic-cone-webWe were supposed to run ten 100m sprints, with a 90 second rest between each one. If you haven’t noticed, I don’t like running. David asked about it today and I said I’m the guy who if chased by a bear would probably end up stopping to fight the bear so someone else could run for help – not that I’d survive, but because I hate running that much.

So what did I find myself doing? Running 100m sprints in the parking lot. Even my trainers and my wife were surprised. So was I to be honest.

I ran 5 of them. I didn’t get to 10. But I was happy with 5. We had to run from one “island” in the parking lot to an orange cone. And I slowed down a little each time, but had fun.

Don’t quote me on that. You did not just see me say “fun” and “running” in the same paragraph.

I’m still not breathing all that great, but my body isn’t hurting as much as it usually does after running. There’s a big difference between sprinting and jogging for me.

Next question for the week is whether I’ll get in for the Friday Hero WOD tomorrow… we’ll see what it is. I’m not holding my breath (which is good, since I’d probably be coughing like a fool).

Great work everybody!




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