Bear Crawls… Ugh.

Hope your day is going better than mine, but I did manage to make it into CrossFit Continuum today for a workout. And I even got to go with my wife – what a shocker!

20160405_105818We arrived in time to see some of the 8:30 class finish up – Jonathan and Sarah, KC, Larry, Lori, Monica, and a few other folks probably. It was a blur of activity! And Coach Bill came in with Ev & I, so we knew it was going to be an interesting day.

In our class we had the two of us, plus Danielle, Carrie, Andrea, Joe, and a new guy – David (seems very nice and worked hard!). It was a good crew, as always.

We started with a 400m jog and then did another 3 minute bear complex routine with an empty barbell. It wasn’t too bad really, which worried me. 🙂

Once that was done, Bill went over the movements for the two parts of the workout…

First we did the strength bits:

  • Deadlift 5RM (Add 10# to last week)
  • Strict Press 3×5 (Add 5 #to last week)
  • Strict Pullups 3x Max Reps (Try to increase reps from last week)

And quite honestly after the morning I had before I ever got to the box, I got a little discombobulated. I warmed up slowly with 135# and 225# deadlifts, then added 10# to that to get to 235# but it felt really light.

kettlebell-swingSo I moved to the rig and did 4 strict pull-ups with an underhand grip. Essentially I’m doing a curl every time. But Larry noticed that I don’t fully extend each time. I did for the first one and then somehow never quite get the elbow all the way. Something about losing tension in the elbow completely trashes the movement chain for me and I can’t pull up.

After that, I went back to my phone and figured out that I should have been doing 255# as the five-rep max from last week and adding 10# to that – so I threw on another 30# and did 5x at 255# and 5x at 265# and called it good.

Going back to the rig, I managed ONE strict pull-up with an overhand, not an underhand, grip. Couldn’t get another one after that, though I tried a few times. Just didn’t have the pull.

By then though I was mostly out of time. We were supposed to do the second part of the workout at 10 after and I had less than 5 minutes to complete my strict press. So I stripped off the bar and did one set from the floor at 135# – managed to do it 3x and that was it. When everything was done I did some strict press with an empty barbell, but I have to admit I kind of gave up on this part today.

20160405_105703So that was part 1… Part 2 was conditioning… 6 rounds for time:

  • 7 Kettlebell Swings (As heavy as possible)
  • 21 Double-unders (or 42 singles)
  • 20 yard Bear Crawl (10 yards down and back)

I used a 70# kettle-bell, did single-unders, and cursed a lot at the bear crawl. It’s a movement much like burpees where I feel like I’m shoving my arm into the shoulder socket every time I move around. It’s fantastic. Not. 🙂

It took me 14:34 to complete. Ev did it in 12:30 (45# kb and singles). Danielle did 12:47 (45# kb and doubles? not sure). Larry did it with us and it took him 10 minutes flat with a 70# kb and singles. Carrie did 11:10 with 35#. David was 12:42 with 45# and singles. And Joe finished a tad before me though I’m not sure what weights he did.

I wasn’t too far off the mark. And I wasn’t the slowest time on the board (though I was close). So I don’t feel too bad about skipping a few strict shoulder presses. A little though.

Thanks go to Bill (and Larry and my wife) for encouraging me to finish. 🙂 And great work everybody!!

So there you have it for today. Tomorrow will probably be a rest day, though I may try and get a ROMWOD in during the day sometime.

Have a good one!


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