Push Dem Weights

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado today… Sun. Snow. Sun. Must be Spring!

Didn’t get to work out with my wife this morning, but did get into CrossFit Continuum for a noon class with Coach Isaac. Got to work with Mike and Ernie as well, so that was fun.

spidey-civil-warWe started with a 500m row and then did some warm-ups like pigs-on-skates, Spider-Man lunges, knee hugs, shoulder to overhead with a plate, some PVC pipe pass-thrus, deep squats, and so on. All of that while discussing the state of DC and Marvel comic book movies. Yes, I do love my box. I’m surrounded by my people. 🙂

Once that was done we split up to do the strength part of today’s WOD…

  • Back Squat – 3×5
  • Bench Press – 3×5

We were to go somewhat heavy, but not too far overboard. He suggested to hit around 75% of our one rep maximum…

I think I went too light on my back squats… Started at 185#, 205#, and 225# which was pretty short of my 275# PR. Five reps was a challenge but not awful.


But I made up for it on the bench press. My PR there is 220# and I did 135#, 155#, and 175#. Five reps at 175# was definitely a challenge. But I survived. 🙂

After that though we did another MetCon… And it was not as unpleasant as the one on Tuesday, but still unpleasant.

PushupFor Time (partition into reps as we choose):

  • 100 Kettlebell Swings #53/35
  • 100 Push-ups

I can do a lot of KBS… Those weren’t so bad. But the push-ups… they were no fun. Considering that each push-up is essentially a body-weight bench press… ugh.

Isaac’s goal for me was not so much about the time it took to complete the workout, but breaking it into manageable reps and to keep moving. My hope was to go with 10 reps of each as long as possible and I did for a while…

Took me 20:51 to complete the whole thing, but I was done with the first half in 8:50, so the second half definitely dragged. Isaac was down on the ground with me for those last 15 push-ups and helped motivate me to finish. And it was a good thing. 🙂

Mike destroyed the workout, doing it with a 70# kettle bell in under 8 minutes. And Ernie did it with a 35# kettle bell in about 18 (maybe less). So I was the slow man on this totem pole, but did finish. Great work everybody!

Thanks Isaac for pushing me to complete that thing!


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