Row row row some more…

With 16.4 out of the way and 16.5 on the horizon, I was actually hoping to get back to the box on Saturday for a team workout but the cloud of sickness settled on our house. Had both kids come down with stomach flu Saturday and my wife was feeling ill by Sunday night (and called in sick this morning). Thus far I have managed to avoid the illness, so please send good vibes my way that it continues.

That said, I had a couple of good recovery days where we hung around the house and watched a lot of television (including more than half of the 2nd season of Daredevil). So it wasn’t a bad weekend, just an unproductive one.


I do have to admit that my quads were more than a little sore after 16.4, but I’m still moving around. So this morning I knew I needed to get back into the box.

Coach Drea wrangled our group and I was joined by Larry & Karen, Joel, and Andrea. After some warm-ups (high kicks across the floor, knee hugs, high knees jogs, bounding, etc) we got started.

Today’s workout was a mirror image to the one we did last week. For time…

  • Run 400 meters, rest 1 minute
  • Run 800 meters, rest 2 minutes
  • Run 1,200 meters, rest 3 minutes
  • Run 1,600 meters

And we were supposed to compare our time to what we did last time.

February 29, 2016 at 1109AMWell, by now you know me and running… so I hit the rower again.

  • Row 500 meters, rest 1 minute
  • Row 1000 meters, rest 2 minutes
  • Row 1,500 meters, rest 3 minutes
  • Row 2,000 meters

Last time I got 28:35. This time I got… 28:30. So I was pretty darned close. And I was amused to have a pretty good chat with Coach Drea during the 2,000m row where I really wasn’t out of breath – just keeping a consistent pull.

I was pretty happy with that. 🙂

And once everybody was done (Joel & Larry finished fast – Andrea cut 7 minutes off her time from last week, which was phenomenal – and Karen finished in about 30 mins) we headed to the other room for the #romwod. Not sure I feel all #swoleandflexy but definitely got some good stretching for hips into the mix.

Great work everybody!


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