A 2016 Open Update

Tomorrow we’ll see what Dave Castro has in store for 16.4, but I wanted to offer some perspective on the Open experience this year now that we’re more than halfway done. I’m amused at the mind games I’m playing with myself this morning as we head to the end.

10xddzThe main question I have to ask is… Do I or don’t I really care about my CrossFit Open scores?

So far I’ve had to scale everything, which is nothing new. I scale frequently at the box. And though I could have taken a score of “10 Rx” for 16.3, I decided that I scaled that one and wanted to take the score for what it was – not trying to color it in a way I didn’t feel it really went.

As a result, I am smack at the bottom of the leaderboard for our box. I am ahead of three folks who signed up but haven’t entered any scores.

And I find myself repeating this phrase. “I don’t care that I’m at the bottom.” But I’m not sure that I believe that.

I just found myself curious how I stacked up in my division (Masters Men 45-49) after three workouts.That’s why I doubt I really don’t give a damn. 🙂

Want to take a look? Here I am at the games.crossfit.com site if you’re curious.

I found that you can do an amazing amount of filtering at the games website, so let’s see how I stack up this year so far in my division:

  • Looking at Rx’d in the world, I’m at 8252 out of 26576. That’s the bottom of the top third – about 31%.
  • If you look at Scaled in the world, I’m at 2025 of 5756. That’s still in the top 36%.
  • If you change that to only look at the South West region Rx’d, I’m at 461 of 1494 – about 31% again.
  • And Scaled in the South West, I’m at 96 of 272 – about 35%.

Here’s the funny part. That makes me feel a lot better. I’m not a top tier athlete, nor do I pretend to be. But out of the hundreds of thousands of participants this year, I’m in the top half – even at the bottom of the top third – of my division.

10xdnbSo I’m hanging in there.

At my own box, in some ways I’m competing with a bunch of folks who are fitter, younger, and more talented than myself. Our box leaderboard just has everybody in one big lump. Jared is at the top of our list and he’s both an amazing athlete and nearly 20 years younger. He’s a great guy and I’m happy to cheer him on along with everybody else who is giving it a shot this year. 🙂

Ultimately I should just get back to doing my own thing.

  • Who am I competing with? Myself.
  • Why am I competing? To see how I stack up and figure out what I need to work on.
  • That’s it.

At the end of this whole crazy thing I’m going to write up a comparison of this year vs. two years ago and what I need to work on for the future. But for now, I’m going to get back to waiting for Thursday’s 16.4 announcement like everybody else.

Don’t mind me. Some days I just need to get out of my own way. 🙂

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