Avoiding Running for Time…

Today’s workout is brought to you by the “avoid running for time” WOD… ­čśë

10vmkmIf you’ve read any of my posts, you know just how much I love running. The answer vary from “not at all” to “you must be joking” to “I must be going now…” Usually it’s just met with hysterical laughter.

At one point I got comfortable enough with running that I could run a mile if I really wanted to and was doing more with a semi-regular 5k down a local trail. But after biffing it hard during last year’s Murph, knees and hips haven’t quite come back around. I’ve never liked running (even going back to Junior High School in the early to mid-1980s), but now even running 400m is downright painful. My friend Caleb, who is also our chiropractor, has worked to get hips and knees back to where they should be – but it’s not the same.

That said, when I looked at the post describing today’s workout at Continuum, it was less than clear. I wasn’t sure if it was a crazy workout involving running four decreasing distances and resting between each round or some kind of strict press, running combination.

PR046AJTurned out it was the former. Yay. Even Coach Drea was kind of surprised at my showing up today with “run” being in the workout. My response was pretty straightforward – I can’t run, but I’ll row a 5k. And she was ok with that. Thank goodness for scaling!

We warmed up with some back-and-forth across the gym… high kicks, knee hugs, sideways jumping jacks, jogging forward and back a couple of times, and maybe a couple of other things. It was enough to get us moving a bit ahead of the workout.

There were a few of us today… Jonathan and Sarah, Lori, Ashley, Adrienne and her pup Jayda. Adrienne and I chose rowing and the rest of them ran.

So if you ran it looked like this:

  • Run 1600 meters,┬áRest 3 minutes
  • Run 1200 meters,┬áRest 2 minutes
  • Run 800 meters,┬áRest 1 minute
  • Run 400 meters

If you rowed, it looked like this:

  • Row 2000┬ámeters,┬áRest 3 minutes
  • Row 1500 meters,┬áRest 2 minutes
  • Row 1000 meters,┬áRest 1 minute
  • Row 500 meters

20160315_092700The first 2k was the worst part and after that it got a little easier. Took me about 9 minutes for the first 2k. Then I slowed down for the 1500, which took about 8 minutes. The 1k took about 4 and a half to 5 minutes. And the 500 went fast – about 2 minutes.

All together with the rests, I was done in 28:35. Adrienne was done in 35:24. We were both pleased to be done. ­čÖé

I can row a long time – it’s become easier to settle into a rhythm and deal with any arm or leg soreness and I can breathe a ton better than I could if I was running.

Lori made the run look really easy and was done pretty quickly. Jonathan and Sarah were done about the same time. And Ashley took a while, but did awesome.

By the time we were finishing up our row, the 9:30 class was trickling in. Jenny and her friend (whose name is escaping me) and Caleb were there getting ready to go. Andrea, Jodi, and Joel were arriving as I was heading out.

Jenny offered a nice compliment today, suggesting that I looked like I was leaning out a bit. I’m not sure that’s true, but it was very nice of her to say anyway. ­čÖé

I’ll probably try and fit in a #romwod later today. We’ll see how that goes. I should get back to the box tomorrow, just do a romwod on Thursday ahead of the CrossFit Open announcement for 16.4 and then see how Friday night goes with getting through 16.4. After corned beef, mashed potatoes, and cabbage on Thursday I’m sure I’ll be fantastic! ­čÖé

Have a great day folks and thanks Drea for letting me scale!



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