Breath, where have ye gone?

I’m trying something different this week in regards to the Open. (Either that or I just want to spend time at the box. Both theories have potential.) Usually I try to hold to a M-T-Th-Sat schedule whenever possible. That gives me two or three rest days and 4 days of workouts. Last week was M-T-Th (ROMWOD)-Fri (16.2). And this week is looking like M-T-W-Th (ROMWOD)-Fri (16.3)-Sat (Team WOD). I consider the ROMWOD day a rest day and Sunday a definite rest day.

mzl.ckbzhinnThe theory I’m operating under is that my body will stay more limber if I work more days than if I take more rest days. It may be sore, but a body in motion tends to stay in motion, right?

We shall see!

At any rate, I made it into the box for a 9:30 class this morning with Coach Bill (and Coach Drea helping). We had Joel & Jodi, Danielle, Jenny and her friend, Adrienne and Jayda (the boxer dog), plus new guy Clif. Looked like they had a good 8:30 class today too with Todd & his wife, Ashley, and a few others. As always, both classes are pretty laid back and fun. But we work hard too. 🙂

We started with a warm-up that Bill pulled together…

  • 10 squat to stands
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 leg circles (on back, legs together)
  • 10 marching bridges
  • 10 hand-stand push-ups (only half though or down to 3 mats)
  • 10 v-ups
  • 10 back strokes (each arm)
  • 10 yard inchworm push-ups
  • 10 single leg deadlifts (each leg)
  • 10 med ball push-ups
  • 10 leg lifts (on back, legs together)

Definitely got me warmed up. After yesterday I have to say that my hamstrings were a bit angry and my forearms and biceps were too (from yesterday and the day before).

Then we did this lovely number. 5 rounds for reps:

  • 1 minute of 185/135# deadlifts
  • 1 minute of push-ups
  • 1 minute of strict knees to elbows

Now here’s the thing. We were supposed to approach this almost as a Tabata or EMOM where we were to shoot for the same number of reps for each movement across every round. So pacing would be important. HAHAHAHAHA…

20160309_103454(0)And I wrote Rx on the board but strictly speaking that’s a lie. Though I did 185# deadlifts and regular push-ups, I didn’t do strict knees to elbows really – I did more knees to biceps or knees to parallel or above – I don’t think I touched my knees once. So I apologize but the picture lies. I should just erase Rx from that number and it would be fine.

That said, I felt like I kept moving for the most part.

  • Round/Deadlifts/Push-ups/Knees-to-Elbows
  • 1/19/15/10
  • 2/10/12/10
  • 3/10/12/10
  • 4/10/12/10
  • 5/9/11/11
  • Total reps = 169

Though I had a serious problem with grip strength as we got deeper into the workout, it was my breath that was the biggest issue.

Since getting back from our trip, I’ve had multiple asthmatic events and slow recovery times for the last month. Seems I’m going to have to go see the doc before too much longer and see what we can do to get things back under control.

We’ve had a lot of warm weather and I think most of it is allergy-related. But we’ve also had some local wildfires from time to time and I don’t think that’s helped.

My hope is that I can wait another couple  of months until my regular yearly check-up with the doc and go from there. We’ll see if that happens or not.

At any rate – everybody kicked butt at today’s workout. I did what I could, but it wasn’t as good as I hoped. Always room for improvement!

Have a great day folks!


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