Like a good chunk of the crossfit community, I watched Dan Bailey and Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson kick some serious butt live during the 16.2 announcement. Why? Because it’s fun to watch elite athletes do the impossible I suppose. 🙂

16.2 from Dave Castro would involve multiple waves of 4 minutes – with each set involving 25 toes to bars, 50 double-unders, and a variable (dropping) number of squat cleans with increasing weight. It was impressive to see those two guys clean 275 and 315 like it was a walk in the park and do the rest of the workout to get there.

I am neither a Bailey nor a Guðmundsson. So I knew 16.2 would have to scale.

Though I can do toes to bar, they’re not pretty. But I cannot manage double-unders yet. I haven’t put in the work to get them figured out. Yet. The key word is yet. And this goat will be crushed in time. 🙂 But I can do singles!

I pondered just doing the toes to bar so I’d get 25 non-scaled reps in, but decided I wanted to see how far I could push into the scaled weights. Scaled goes 95/115/135/155/185 vs. Rx which was 135/185/225/275/315.

Just like last Friday, the turnout was awesome. We had groups of up to 8 (4 Rx/4 scaled) in each heat, which was cool. Some folks struggled with the first round of Rx. And a handful made it all the way through one of the scaled workouts in under the 20 minute time cap. It was fun to watch!


When it was our turn to do the scaled workout, Ev and I were joined by Danielle and we went at the same time as some of the “big boys” at our gym doing it Rx – Bill, Lyle, Jared, and Evan. They all kicked butt, of course. 🙂

Elizabeth was my judge and she was great. Positive and loud enough for me to hear. And Caleb was kind enough to help swap out weights for Ev and I, which was awesome.

How’d we do?

20160304_192736I got through the first round in about 3:45 and hit the second round a bit winded. The further I got, the more winded I became. And by the time I got into the cleans I was fried.

My score was 172 – so all of round 1 was 90 reps and if I had completed round 2 it would have been 88. I missed finishing round 2 by 6 reps – and I’m ok with that. 🙂

Meanwhile my wife got through 257 reps, which was all the way through round 2 and 79 reps, which is 7 reps short of completing three full rounds. She did awesome.

Again – my wife kicked my butt in an Open workout and I’m ok with that. 🙂

We saw a lot of struggle again tonight and a lot of victories – the community is fun to watch and I look forward to seeing how Dave Castro plans on kicking my arse next week.

I do have to give a shout out to the folks behind the HandBand Pro… Here are my two wraps I’ve been using for a while (sorry for the crappy picture, but it’s late and I’m tired):


As you can see, these things have seen some use – they’re getting torn to shreds. And tonight as I did my knee tucks (almost knees to elbows) they protected my hands nicely. I didn’t tear once.

I need to order a new pair for myself and if you’re looking for a good way to protect your hands from the inevitable tears we get – I haven’t found anything I like better. Check out their website at handbandpro.com and order yourself a pair!

So that’s it for tonight. No team workout for me tomorrow – soccer season and we’re traveling early for a local tournament about an hour away.

Have a great weekend and great work everybody!! Good luck with 16.2!


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