C2B – the work continues

Today I managed to do two things that haven’t happened for a while. First, I was able to work out with my wife! Second, my chest hit the bar – inconsistently and erratically as I threw myself at it for five rounds – but it hit the darn thing. Is this good? It remains to be seen…

c2bThe alternate title for this blog post could also be… Why are chest-to-bar pull-ups (or C2B) so hard?

So we got to the gym for an 8:30 class and we were definitely not alone… Lots of folks joined Coach Drea for a workout today… Danielle, Maria, KC, Todd, Mike, Elizabeth, Jodi, and Joel to name a few. It was packed!

We started with a 400m run, which I was surprised by though I shouldn’t have been. Yesterday I rowed a 5k and rowed 1k pretty consistently in a bit more than 4 minutes. Why does it kill me so much to run 400m? I don’t like running because it’s too much like work I guess.

Once that was done we came back inside and did Spider-man lunges, Pigs-on-skates, slow push-ups (down on a count of 3, up on a count of 1), bridge-ups, arm hugs, and back-strokes to get things moving.

Then we talked about the workout itself, which was 5 rounds for time:

  • 12 dumbbell snatches
  • 9 bench presses
  • 6 bar muscle-ups (or c2b/pull-up/ring-row progressions)

Because of all the folks in the class, we might run into situations where the bench we’re using is being used by someone else or our spot on the rig was being used, but honestly that didn’t slow me down too much. It was the darned C2B I was working on today.

March 01, 2016 at 1042AMI worked with a 115# bench press with Todd & Joel, used a 30# dumbbell for the snatches, and bounced around on the rig a bit.

I started with some straight pull-ups to see if I could figure out C2B and that didn’t work. Moved to a banded variety and couldn’t get that to work. Drea even gave me some suggestions, pointing out that the C2B isn’t quite a normal pull-up – it’s more of a kip, hip, chest kind of thing. I even tried some strict underhanded pull-ups to see if I could pull all the way up that way. Not even close.

Eventually I shifted to a shorter bar and tried jumping C2B, which I think will be my flavor of progression for a while. I actually managed to hit a couple.

Just frustrating. I can do regular kipping pull-ups pretty consistently (hitting 5-10 in a row fairly regularly). But C2B is a different beast.

With my scaled movements today I managed to get through the whole thing in less than 20 minutes. The pull-ups slowed me down. And the bench press started to get heavy pretty quickly. But that’s fine – I just kept chugging along. Wasn’t worried about time really – just wanted to make sure I got through it all.

Tomorrow is a rest day (time to visit our favorite chiropractor and then I get to go read Dr. Seuss to a room full of 5th graders), but I’ll be back to the box Thursday for a ROMWOD in preparation for whatever Dave Castro has in store for us in the next Open workout!

I’ll also have something new to try – a pre-workout drink/supplement. I’ve never tried them and Mike gave me one to sample, which I will use ahead of the Open workout on Friday night. Who knows – maybe it will kick things up a notch. Thanks Mike!

Hope everybody has a great day!


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