Saturday Team WOD

So last night after doing 16.1 I decided that if I was breathing ok and moving ok, I’d do the team workout at CrossFit Continuum on Saturday morning to continue moving. This morning, though I slept in fits and starts again, I got up feeling ok and decided to follow through on my earlier decision. I was tired, but hey… that’s nothing new.


When we saw the workout… I wondered what I had gotten myself into. Thanks Coach Stacy!

We had a pretty good turnout this morning actually… It was a workout in teams of two and we had 7 or 8 teams when all was said and done. I worked out with Robert, which was fun as always. He and I have a similar speed on Saturdays (slow) and common interests (geeks) so we always have a good time.

AJ went with me but didn’t have a partner so ended up playing dodgeball with the other kids and Megan (Caleb’s wife) – apparently they had to do burpees every time they got hit and they did over 100 burpees, so I think they got a pretty good workout in the end!

February 27, 2016 at 1152AMSo what was the workout? Stacy gave us a doozy in three 15 minute chunks.

  • 0-15 min AMRAP
    • 50 partner sit-ups
    • 50 double unders each (or 100 singles)
    • 50 partner sit-ups
    • 50 walking lunges (45/25# plate overhead)
    • 50 partner sit-ups
    • 50 burpees
    • 50 partner sit-ups
  • 15-30 min AMRAP
    • 100 deadlifts (135/95#)
    • 80 power cleans
    • 60 front squats
    • 40 jerks
    • 20 thrusters
  • 30-45 min for 3 rounds or until time runs out
    • 400m partner run
    • 40 box jumps (24/20″)
    • 40 wall balls (20/14#)

Um. Yeah. Was it too late to run away? The answer is YES! (That’s one of the parts of CrossFit I like – by the time you’re in the door it’s too late to turn back. 🙂 )

Robert and I decided that 135# seemed a bit heavy today, so we did 115# and called it good. We got all the way through the first 15 minute workout with no time to spare. We got about halfway through the front squats before we ran out of time there. And by the last chunk I was walking. We got through one complete round and Robert started the second round of box jumps when we hit 45 minutes.

Thank goodness for time caps. 🙂 Great work everybody! And thanks for teaming up with me Robert!

Hopefully everybody will enjoy the rest of their weekend!!



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