Quiet day of Mobility

Just a short post today… Not much to report from Crossfit Continuum. Did the Mobility WOD today at Noon and it probably helped with flexibility a bit.


For 45 minutes I got to focus on breathing and chatting with Coach Andrea while holding certain movements or poses for 2-4 minutes each. Was a challenge in spots. I can do a great pigeon stretch but can’t sit forward with my feet together and get my torso over my legs – my hips just don’t open up that direction.

Work in progress. Always work in progress.

Today was a relatively quiet day as we all wait to see what Dave Castro has in store for us with 16.1 tonight for the CrossFit Open. Tomorrow night we’ll take on whatever it is at the box with the rest of our participants and see how we do. Maybe the flexibility will help. 🙂


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