Oh My Quad!

Mondays are rough, especially when your body is telling you that you might have pushed it a bit too hard too fast over the weekend. 🙂

deadpool-valentinesWe did the Friday Night Lights workout on Friday night and Kiana’s WOD on Saturday. I was already hobbling around on Saturday afternoon. We took Sunday (Valentine’s Day) as a “rest day” to have chimichangas and see Deadpool. (Yes, it was fun – irreverent, violent, cheeky, sarcastic, and all the rest you’d expect a Deadpool movie to be.) And I was still hobbled yesterday.

Been trying to roll it out on a foam roller, but that’s not done any good. Even rubbing Deep Blue on it last night didn’t help much. I’m hobbling around like an old dude!

So today I went in for a 9:30 workout expecting just to do some mobility and try and loosen the knot in my left hamstring. Yeah, right.

The girls went with me because they had the day off from school. Mickey did the workout with me and AJ played with the kids. But as soon as I got in and spoke to Larry and Lori, I got the feeling I was just going to have to suck it up and do the workout. And that’s what happened.

We were definitely not alone with Coach Stacy – we had Lori, Lisa, Deana, Andrea, Brent, Karen, Monica, Dan, and Joel… plus a few others. Coach Bill came in to help cheer us on as well, which was nice.

February 15, 2016 at 1144AM (1)We started with a 10 minute warm-up where we did one movement each minute. I won’t remember them all, but it was a good mix – one-armed kettle bell thrusters, wall balls, air squats, thoracic high fives, roll-to-candlesticks, headstand to push-up, bounding, jogging forward and backward, etc…

Once that was done we gathered our equipment for the WOD itself… For time, fast and heavy:

  • 21 dumbbell thrusters
  • Run 400 meters
  • 18 dumbbell thrusters
  • Run 400 meters
  • 15 dumbbell thrusters
  • Run 400 meters

When I got there, Larry suggested to go lighter than the 45# dumbells he used. So I started with 25# kettle bells, decided that was too light, and shifted to a pair of 35# kettle bells. It was light enough I could do a good rep scheme and not kill my shoulders.

February 15, 2016 at 1144AMSo how’d I do? Well, running and I don’t get along all that well even when I’m not hobbling around, but I did ok with the thrusters. Stacy said to shoot for 15 minutes, but definitely less than 20. I split the difference and hit 17:05. Not awful, especially considering I walked most of the 400m runs. 🙂

Mickey came and “ran” the last lap with me, which was nice. We did run the last 50-100m or so anyway. I was walking fast for the rest of it anyway!

Once all that was done, we did another ROMWOD. And I felt a bit better about it today. It is still slow and a little boring, but moving through a few static positions one at a time AFTER a workout was a lot more satisfying than doing it INSTEAD of one for me.

Crowded room though with about 10-12 of us on yoga mats. 🙂

So my hamstring is still a mess, but I’ll keep working on it today. May have to resort to sitting on a lacrosse ball before long.

Have a great day folks!

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