Kiana’s WOD 2016

This has been a weekend for community, family, and love.

kianaA few years ago our crossfit community was rocked by the death of Kiana O’Neil, a young lady filled with love and light, taken too soon from her family. In each of the years since that loss, we have done Kiana’s WOD to not only keep her memory alive and show respect to the family but raise funds for the Kiana Rae O’Neil scholarship fund which will be given to worthy high school graduates starting in 2017.

It’a always an emotional time and this year was no different. It’s the third year we’ve done the workout and it’s never easy. And I think that’s kind of the point.

Though we do the WOD at our home box CrossFit Continuum every year, we’re not alone. Folks have been doing it across the country and contributing to the cause. My hope is that the WOD becomes a traditional one done in the community in perpetuity. That would be a lasting tradition to honor Kiana’s memory I think.

Yesterday I arrived with my girls mid-morning and we were set for a mid-afternoon heat with Evelyn, who was working a half day that day. And we walked around, talking and spending time with the many participants who came. We cheered on every heat and waited for our turn. Though it was emotionally charged, there were lots of smiles and the camaraderie you’d expect for any big event at a crossfit box.

The workout is the same as it’s been every year since it was founded.

Four Rounds for Time:

  • 2 Squat Cleans #185/125
  • 15 Pushups
  • 99 Double Unders
  • 12 Sit-ups 23
  • Deadlift #185/125
  • 13 Box Jumps 30/24″

Scaled, Level II:

  • Squat Clean #135/95
  • 99 Single Unders
  • Box Jumps 24/20″

Scaled, Level I:

  • Squat Clean #95/65
  • 99 Single Unders
  • Step Ups

We had every possible level imaginable of participants again this year and it was amazing. We cheered everybody on to the end.


That’s a picture of our heat – a combination of fantastic people and only one of MANY heats throughout the day.

Though this was less about how we did as individuals, I’m happy to say that I finished the Scaled II version of the workout with a further modification – a combination of 20″ box jumps and step-ups. It took me 30:46 to complete, and by the end I was surrounded by friends and athletes cheering me on, but I finished.

This day and workout is all about Kiana’s family. Monica, Dan, Kaila, and Ava are regulars at our box and amazing people. The rest of the family who come from all over Colorado and elsewhere are just as amazing. We love them all and will try to honor Kiana’s memory forever.

She is missed. But she will not be forgotten.

Love and light.


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