Two Weeks Away…

You may have noticed I’ve been missing for a couple of weeks. Well, that’s because I had a work trip that took me to Europe for a few days and my wife and I extended that with our kids into a full blown trip to Barcelona, Spain. We were gone for 10 days and we had a lot of fun, but I wanted to relate a few interesting things we figured out along the way.

Kids Can’t Crossfit as Easily in Europe Apparently

One of the things we decided when we were planning our trip was that we wanted to try and hit a few crossfit boxes while we were there. My wife and girls had three days in Paris and we had 5 days in Barcelona, so over the 8 days we figured we’d have at least a few opportunities to work out over that time at some of the local boxes.

Turns out that legally that’s hard to do. Some of the Paris boxes we contacted wouldn’t allow anybody under 16 and all but one of the boxes in Barcelona (out of the 4 we tried) had the same limitation. Apparently the lawyers make it difficult.

In the end, my wife did manage to find a crossfit box in Paris that they all worked out in – the Crossfit Louvre Paris. So a huge thank you goes out to those folks and it sounds like the girls all had a great time for a 6:30am WOD that day. 🙂


And she got to work out with my youngest on the last day we were in Barcelona as well… They visited Condal Crossfit Barcelona and did an afternoon workout that day.


So all in all it wasn’t a complete bust. 🙂

We all tried at a different box the day before but it didn’t work out. And I didn’t want to work out the day before we left on another marathon airline flight, so I skipped Condal and stayed at the hotel with our other daughter who was working on homework. We did walk a TON over the course of a few days. Seemed like about a 5k every day. So it wasn’t like we were sitting on our butts the whole time (though I did that in my work meetings for a few days and that didn’t help!).

Even so, they found some cool crossfit shirts at some of the places that we brought home. They found me a cool one from Paris and some other neat ones in Barcelona.

Flying Overseas is Hell on the Knees

Yes, I said it. Hell.

I was fighting a cold when I left and when you add in being stuck in an uncomfortable aircraft seat for 8-15 hours going either way, it’s rough on your back, knees, neck, and pretty much everything else. I was happy to get home this week and schedule some time with my favorite chiropractor – Caleb. (If you’re ever in need of a good chiro in Colorado Springs, CO – check out Northeast Chiropractic Center. They’re the best!)

I’m still a bit stiff and sore in places, but we’ll eventually get back to normal – whatever the heck that is.

It’s been Two Weeks since my last WOD…

I felt a bit like I was going back to church today when I stepped into Crossfit Continuum after two full weeks of not working out. “Hi, my name is Brian Fitzpatrick, and it’s been two weeks since my last workout…” But I was happy to be there.

And we have a new thing where we have an option some days to do a mobility workout or the one that’s posted apparently. Today’s regular workout was five sets of 10 touch and go deadlifts with increasing weight, which probably would have been fine. But getting some movement in sounded better.

So instead of hanging out with Coach Isaac today (and Joel), I opted for the mobility. And it was myself and the four folks who did the advanced class today – Coach Bill, Elizabeth, Jared, and a new guy whose name I didn’t catch but seemed cool.

For 45 minutes we held various poses and focused on breathing.

Was it good? Yes. But it wasn’t yoga. I didn’t break a sweat. And I kind of feel like I needed to break a sweat today. I may look into ROMWOD on my own eventually because I think it IS beneficial. But I’m second guessing my decision to skip deadlifts, which is strange.

Anyway… We’re back. We’ll get back to some sense of normalcy over the next few days and weeks and get back to the groove again.

So you can look forward to more rambling from yours truly!


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